Thursday, March 04, 2010

They Fill My Day

Even when they aren’t here
Today has been the first ‘real’ day of being home without anyone ALL DAY
The past Thursday’s I have helped out in the canteen in the morning
Usually filling the rest of the day with things so I didn’t have to contemplate the ‘no one here’ thing
The Fridays have been filled with that too but Dave has come home for lunch
Which is super nice :)
So today I had no canteen duty
A day to fill
So I came home and made some zucchini slice, ready for lunch boxes tomorrow
I then went and had a needed nap
It wasn’t a long one
Dave rang, waking me, to let me know he had arrived at his destination up North
I then got up, feeling good after my 15 minute sleep
I haven’t been sleeping well, with this cold, but last night got a full sleep
Well almost full…
Elizabeth woke me, at some point, to ask for a drink
I was hoping Dave might say ok, so she would stop telling us she needed a drink
But he just kept on snoring, yes people the man snores (not too badly or often but he does)
Yeah I know he had to have a flaw and that’s it :)
He didn’t answer her
So I just grunted, because it hurts my throat to talk
and I wasn’t going to go to the effort of waking up enough to open my mouth
I hear her switch on the kitchen light and that was it
I was back off to dozey land
She usually says I love you before going back to bed
But I didn’t hear that lol
Don’t think the lack of reply has scarred her… well I hope it hasn’t!!

Right where was I…
Woken from my nap
Phone call
Oh yeah
So in amongst the rattling round the empty house…
Oh yeah I also turned the stereo on today!
That never happens
Me listen to something I want to listen to???
Well today I did :)
Ok off track again
Empty house
Oh yeah…
I Scrapped again :)
I made this page, for the new These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things challenge
Your fave friend
Who would that be??!!


Oh yeah!
That’s Right
It would be umm Dave :)
I pulled apart a Prima vine


One bud fell off
What a shame
Had to use it all by it’s lonesome
Just as well it looks nice :)


used a doily stamp
Wasn’t too fussed that it wasn’t straight
Cos I like my doily stamp, thank you etsy seller prettytape :)


As I was making the page
That I wanted to use my trusty typewriter
Page was too big
So I cut it up
Still to big
Cut off the bit I wanted to type on
And then stuck it all back together :)


Can you read the journaling??
I waffled on a lot, sigh
I like pages where you really have to look to see everything
You really have to stop and look to read the journaling over the pattern paper
Dave doesn’t like it too much
But I do :)
Makes people appreciate the page a little longer than a quick glance and a ‘oh that’s nice’
Takes them a couple of minutes then you get the ‘oh that’s nice’ lol

Megan came home from school with some homework
She had to finish off her self portrait
And she did


I like it
And I liked this flower that I spied when I turned the sprinklers off
Well that’s not quite true I spied it a couple of days ago
but only pulled the camera out tonight when I turned the sprinklers off
It is such an amazing bright red, gorgeous


Don’t ask me what it is
I have no clue
Just don’t tell my Mother that I don’t know
She’d frown before telling me what it is called lol
and then I would know
For a while
Then I would forget again

Still feeling ick but the fact I slept last night has to be a good sign
Don’t tell me otherwise lol
Will tell you how I sleep tomorrow

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  1. Allison winchester8:35 PM

    The flower pic is great, tell Megan I love her self portrait very cool. Hope tomorrow is full of rest.
    Lots of love and huggles.

  2. Tell Megan that I love her self portrait. She is becoming quite the artist. (Don't know where she gets that - LOL.)

    I love the three dimensional effect on your layout. I am only looking at things out of one eye right now (too early), so I will have to come back and examine your journaling. (You achieved your goal.)

    Lastly, I think that flower is gorgeous. I have never seen one before. You can tell I am tired because I am not running off to find out what it is as I usually would.

    Hope your continue to feel better and send some of that good joujou this way.

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I am soooooooooooooooo HAPPY that U played along Sharmaine!!! Woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the page.....that is one of my fave fave fave photos of yours....and i loveeeeeeeeeeee how U typed the journaling!!!!! And that self portrait is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks my love!!!! Feel better soon! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. oooh - love the flower! And the LO - such a special pic! :)

  5. What a fun post!!!! I love to have my house just for myself!!!
    Love you LO, great photo!!!Thanks so much for playing with us!!!

  6. It's fun to have the house all to yourself sometimes! Oh I love your layout and all of your travails to type the journaling. Really love that photo. thanks so much for sharing with us at TAAFOMFT.

  7. Love your is so beautiful!Loving all of the goodies you used and that journaling is is that amazing photo!
    Love your post!
    THank you so much for playing along with us at TAAFOMFT!

  8. What a GREAT post!!
    LOVE your layout (all your layouts!!)
    for TAAFOMFT!! Wonderful picture and I wished I had an old typewriter...

    Thanks so much for playing along with us!!!


  9. That page ROCKS, Sharmaine! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thanks for joining us! :-)


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