Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Saw Snow Flakes

Alas they were only ones that I made and not the real ones :)
I had a play with the j'ai laissé mon coeur à Paris kit from QTea
I cut up the paper doily and made some snow flakes



and a big flake came in handy for the journaling ;)


Something else that has kept us busy is this saga, taken from my facebook page so I didn’t have to retype lol

“Jessica is allergic to insect bites. Month ago she woke with a bite on her neck. She scratched the top off it. Two weeks later it was a huge red, nasty looking lump. GP appointment, antibiotics, scan, referral to hospital, said referral lost, a few phone calls, a few returned phone calls, a nurse ringing this arvo x3, told to take her to emergency so they could assess and figure out whether to operate and remove abscess etc etc, since the ultrasound the lump had subsided so by the time we got there tonight it was on the mend and will take time to heal but wasn't worth doing anything with. Good thing is that if they hadn't lost the first referral we would have been in there last week when the lump was there and looking ICK and they would have operated.”

So all that happened last Wednesday
This is a photo of the lump, which doesn’t do it justice, taken just after the ultrasound so 2 weeks ago


and here is a photo of it on Friday


It should improve over the next couple of months but if it does flare up again we will be back to the GP for another referral :)

All action and adventure here, in fact I told Jessica, on the way home from hospital, that each of us, in our family, has the same middle name ACTION and ADVENTURE :)

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  1. Poor Jessica!!!! I'm glad its getting better now though!! I love love love love love that lo...I will forever and always loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Lucy's snowman...and loving how you did the flakes! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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