Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Beautiful Ride

Well, holidays are over
School is back
Yesterday was the first day of the new school year
Dave had the day off and we spent it together, even went to the movies together ($5 kid flick but still…lol)
I think this ‘back to school’ photo says it all


I can see Lucy being cheeky
I can see Megan trying to hurt Jessica
I see Jessica trying to be very good
I see Elizabeth over standing up

Jessica’s bandage leg is from her run in with some barbed wire on Monday
Had a trip to the after hours GP to dress the nasty cut and now she has to keep the bandage on till Sunday
It’s already been taken off a couple of times and today a kid at school pulled the bandage and dressing off
Fun lol

They are all very happy to be back at school and so far it’s all been smiles and they are loving it Smile
I’ve been good too, until I uploaded photos from my camera today
It’s amazing how a photo can pull on the heart strings and as soon as I saw the first one I was sighing lol

On Saturday I went to my pal Allison’s house for a scrap with her and her Mum, Rosie Posie
I started 3 pages but was mega tired (thanks to the neighbours grrrrr) so I didn’t complete the pages
and pulled the pin on the scrapping and came home
Well, today I finished off those pages and will leave you with this one


Love the new Such Sweet Tierney chipboard buttons
SOOOOO Cute!!!


and perfect for this page



and hopefully now school is back I will find some more time to get back to blogging
There are lots of stories I haven’t shared but hope to soon, as I scrap them Smile

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  1. how cute are those buttons???? soooo delightful and they look awesome on this LO ...a beautiful, colourful and happy page, love it all .... big hugz x

  2. Loveeeeeee the photo.... tooooo cute and love love love love the lo... loving those buttons! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Love this pic of the girls...just adorable!!!

    Fabby LO sweet friend....

    Enjoy your new free time!!!

  4. Oh wow, fun fun fun!! those animals buttons are super cute!

  5. LOVE that picture. The lo is very cute as well.


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