Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Laid My Heart Out

Last year I went in and did some scrapping with Megan’s Grade 5/6 class
All the kids made a book to showcase work from the year
I only had the chance to go in once but the kids continued on their books
and they turned up fabulous
This year I am going back
to scrap with all the Grade 6’s
and I hope to do a little more with them this year than last.
This is my book from last year


the one and only page I completed last year


and my new page, made today, eagerly ready for tomorrow


and this year I hope to fill my book
the very cool steampunk figure is from Inka, at Altered Artifacts
Hoping to get more mixed media work down this year and I think this book will be a step in the right direction
Not to mention I just love watching the kids be inspired and the creative world it opens.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gotta Roll Down A Mountain

No news is good news
Well then…
I have no news
You should check this out
Design Team announcement


had to re-read the email about 10 times because I couldn’t believe it!!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Shoe On, One Shoe off

It may come as a surprise to some
But my favourite scrapping style is
in fact
clean and simple
I just love it because it is straight to the point
It’s all about the things that matter
the photo
the story
I think that most of my pages like that
about the photo
the story
I do tend to lean to the grunge and the freestyle but mostly you will still see clean lines on a simple page
The new style challenge, at Aussie Scrap Source, was to create a clean and simple page
here is my creation


oh I do like to document photos and the story


as promised
of the other 2 girls
at last nights hippy disco, which they all enjoyed Smile



they are all tired tonight though, me too Smile

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Shake It To The Left

This was going to be a bigger post
but there isn’t and hasn’t been time
will leave you with just 2 photos
of this afternoon
these 2 dressed up for the school hippy disco


they had fun


the other 2 are at their disco now
and I am off out the door, again

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I See The Elephant Jump The Fence

I am sure Dave rolls his eyes every time I say I want to take a photo of something ‘not the normal thing you photograph”
and I am sure he will roll his eyes reading I wrote this
he will deny it I am sure
but I am sure he thinks I am a little batty at times
The other day, during a mega clean up,
I said “hey we can throw that out but first I want a photo cos there is a challenge about taking a photo of something before you throw it out”
Cocoa Daisy, in their spring crop had a challenge
I’ve missed the deadline but I just had to do this one because I wanted to 1. document the story and 2. clean up!


Job done!
my page about my Grandmother’s door snake/dog


not a biggy for most people but a memory for me


and then why the poor fellow had to go


Gotta love a challenge like that one, even if Dave does wonder what his wife was thinking Smile

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Though Your Dreams Be Tossed And Blown

This is page came about after many thoughts, some linked some not… that’s how I roll
Some thoughts I wrote down
Others I had after making it
but this is where all of those thoughts ended up
on my page


When I snapped this photo, back in the Easter break


I knew I wanted it captured
but I wasn’t thinking about why


But recently I have been thinking about my journey
no bar-humbugs
just thinking


thinking about how our walks are different
but when similar people get further ahead we compare ourselves
and think we don’t add up to as much as the other people
When in actual fact we shouldn’t

thinking about how I’m not walking alone
how no matter how alone I feel, I am not


There are things that I wish for on my walk
Things I would like to see happen
Directions I would love to walk
People I would like to walk with
These things don’t seem to be part of my walk right now
But I pray that they will be soon
and you know what???
I’m ok with my walk
and any crossroads that come my way

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chasing The Clouds Away

Today I had a play with sketch 74 at Inspired Blueprints
Normally I see sketch challenges and then I just work it for the story I want to tell
This time I had the photo and went in search for a sketch to go with it
Which is how I landed at Inspired Blueprints for the first time
So here is my take on the sketch


and some close ups


have had those die cut alphas for a long time so I was happy to use them


and the journaling, which is on a flap ripped off an envelope


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Can Climb A Ladder Up To The Sun

So yesterday I didn’t have much to say
but first
This page
For the Aussie Scrap Source Style Lounge Freestyle Whimsy challenge


I’ve been a long time admirer of Danielle’s work and was so happy to see her picked up by the Scrap Source team


the journaling to complete my story


Said I was going to talk…
I just love these challenges
Anything that gets you to create
I just love that they push you to create
Push you to create in and out of your own little creative box
What I have found interesting is that the last 2 challenges, for Aussie Scrap Source, were probably the styles closest to mine
But I found that when I created the pages, for these challenges, I kept second guessing myself
Rather than letting it flow I found that I would stop and contemplate the process
Bad move
It meant that the process became forced
The thing that I did learn, about myself, is that if I think that I am limited then I won’t achieve anything more than what I am limited by.
I need to turn this around
I found this quote
“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”
by Jamie Paolinetti
It is so true
I need to see these limits as possibilities
I already see the possibilities to create but it’s the way in which I then create that then gets limited
I then wonder
what, in life, do we start to limit and what potential would we have if we were to remove those limitations
what limitations do we put on other people and what would happen if we were to remove those
I want to live, and create, with possibilities not limitations
I want others to see the possibilities in their own lives and I don’t want to limit them with my own limitations
above all else I do need to be myself, need to find myself in all things and need to be true to myself

told you I would talk

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

After The Flood All The Colours Came Out

Sometimes you don’t need to say much at all
So I won’t





That’s all

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Through All Of The Shadowy Corners Of Me

Tuesday was nicer than Monday
Yesterday I started to play using a coffee stain technique Denise shared, as part of a challenge, at Cocoa Daisy
Here’s the page I created for the challenge


I did have fun with the coffee, stained some tags


some paper, some calico strips and my fingers lol


some of the strips I turned into this rolled flower


I just love coffee cup stains, sigh
and my journaling, about yesterday


Another Cocoa Daisy challenge that I had a play with was Danielle’s
Her challenge was to create with the colour combo of teal, yellow and pink


painted up a Maya Road chipboard girl, added some glitter and Maya Road trim


added some pieces from Cosmo Cricket and The Girls Paperie


Love the white Mister Huey, from Studio Calico, but my one criticism is…


that the bottle is too small and I am almost all out!


Thanks Tuesday for being nice
Hope you have a word with Wednesday and show it how to be nice too Smile

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Right Beside You Is Where I’ll Stay

The latest Style Lounge challenge, at Aussie Scrap Source, is to make an Arty and Grungy page
So I put on my arty, grungy hat and played


and had fun


some mist, paint, rub ons, masking tape and some punch action


and some layering and machine stitching


love this shot


and the journaling and thoughts behind the page



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