Thursday, September 06, 2012

From Little Things Big Things Grow

In my last post
and in the video
I talked about how sometimes you just have to muddle through your creating
That sometimes things don’t work the way you thought/hoped/wished they would
That sometimes it’s hit and miss
That miss can open up something new
Something that you wouldn’t have hit upon if you hadn’t stepped out to create.
What am I on about?
(I am often asked that!!)
Jenni Bowlin is having a design team call
I thought I would try out
Because I really love the way she works
Love her thrifting, love her vintage finds and I love her products!
So I started pulling out all the Jenni Bowlin things I had
Then played and created this page

The page just didn’t work for me AT ALL
There were bits that were great but lots that weren’t

I used the stencil with some texture paste and some mist


added some bits and pieces


but the page just wasn’t right
And I knew why
The journaling didn’t pop (it should have had a plain, quieter background)


and this gorgeous stamp should have had more voice


In the process of creating the page (which I didn’t use for my application, I made another one for that)
I tried something new
Something I had been thinking about


And from this I played with the process again
and created this, using the cool Cocoa Daisy potty people stamp (and quote from the kit packing card)


So I really do want to encourage you to keep playing, keep creating, keep moving through life.
Because there will be something wonderful in amongst all the not so good stuff.
There will be something to take away and use.
There will be something that makes you stronger, more creative or happy!

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  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    hi there sweets.
    i love all the new techniques you tried out. very cool. i haven't use those in years when i used to make cards. love the card!

  2. You are so talented! :)

  3. LOVE that butterfly.... also got my Scrapbook Creations Mag today and LOVE your Who's Who article. xxx

  4. I sometimes think that learning what you do not like, or discovering what does not work, is just as important as knowing what you like and what does work. And in this way of thinking, every page is at least a bit of a success!

    Good luck on your JBS DT application!!


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