Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We'll Live In Slow-motion And Be Free

Sometimes all it takes is a spark
The spark can be a thought,
a word,
a photo,
or a moment
Sometimes it can be all of these.
Sometimes it needs to be all of these.
Sometimes you might have one of these but there be no spark.
That’s how it was for me.
Back in May I took a photo that I thought was pretty awesome


I knew that I wanted to use it on a layout
I knew what I wanted to say
Just couldn’t find the words
The right words.
When I would sit to play with the photo nothing would come together
So the photo sat.
Enter the lovely Ronda, not literally ALTHOUGH that would be super cool!
A few years back Ronda started a challenge blog
Each month there would be “one little word” given as inspiration.
The blog was something I would turn to for inspiration and was one of my favourites.
This week Ronda shared, on her blog, how she was going to share some “little words”.
The word she has started with was unlock.
Reenter the photo.
I had always known that I wanted to make a page about how the bike is empty, like someone had left it.
I wanted to say something about the no parking here, about not standing still. 
Something about growth, something about not being stagnant.
The word unlock was just the spark I had been waiting for. 
Enter the moment of heart.
Most of my pages are created because I am in a moment.
A moment of heart.
A moment when thoughts flow from my heart.
Yesterday was one of those moments.
I had entered the Masters competition that Scrapbooking Memories Magazine hold each year.
Yesterday was the day that the rang each of the 10 winners.
By lunchtime I knew that I wasn’t going to get one of those calls.
This was a moment of the heart (all good, just had these thoughts (see journaling))
And I embraced this moment, the journaling flowed and a page was born


I pulled out some treasured My Minds Eye papers
Made a washi tape rosette
Added some gorgeousness from D-lish scraps and a flair from Sasha’s Etsy store


Played with my favourite colour combo blue, yellow and grey
Splodged some paint over a Crafter’s Workshop stencil


and captured the heart moment
with the help of a quote from Brian Tracy


“Learn to not wait for things to happen. Get out there and make opportunities for yourself.
Unlock the potential that you have waiting within.
Because “You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you”.
So step out, be brave and don’t wait”

and there it was
A moment that I have captured.
A word that needed to be said.
And a thought that will be shared with our girls forever.
Oh how I love sparks like these.
The ones that come together to create something wonderful.

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  1. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Oh Sharmaine, I think this is one of my faces of you yours! I love the heartfelt journaling.. The colors are my favorite also.

  2. gorgeous! Love that photo! Thanks for joining me friend!

  3. Here here.... LOVE your page xxxx

  4. I love it all. And it wouldn't necessarily have the 'spark' that it does if you hadn't not gotten that call. I don't know the "whys" or how come's things do or don't happen. But I do know that when we look back it usually makes an amazing landscape. The bumps, the roads that wind and twist and don't seem to lead where we want to go- well they all come together in the end to be the life story that we were made to live. I am thankful that your life story includes creating and sharing bits with the rest of us. That is a beautiful thing. And youknow what else? This page- the photo, your thoughts behin it, the quote yo chose- they each spoke to me and encouraged my heart about many of the unknowns in my life right now. I will keep holding tight too. And I hope to look back and see a beautiful, winding path as well. xoxo

  5. This is sooo awesome! I love the words, I love the photo, I love the colours... everything!

  6. Love this Sharmaine, so heartfelt and the photo is just gorgeous!!

  7. Absolutely straight from the heart, love this page and the insight it gives into you <3


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