Sunday, October 21, 2012


I don’t know about you
but when I think of Disney
One of the first things I think of is Cinderella.
I was pretty excited when Jayne, from PR firm Mango, sent us a copy of the movie to review

Cinderella 2012 E13730 3D Packshot

The Diamond Edition is available in stores right now 
It includes never-before-seen deleted songs and scenes, family-­‐friendly interactive activities and games.
for the very first time,
this movie has been brought to life on Blu-ray high definition, with enhanced picture and sound.

I love that this story captures the viewer from the word go.
It’s beautiful, in everyway, and is a story that is generational and gets told and retold often.
I love when movies from my childhood are remade, meaning we can share them with our kids too.
This story never fails to bring a smile and with a “Bibbiti Bobbidi Boo!” I have 3 copies to give away!!
So to enter you need to leave a comment, on this post, saying which character, from Cinderella, is your favourite and why.
All the entries will then be read to the girls and they are going to pick the 3 entries they like the best.
Make sure you leave your name and an email address so I can email the winners for their address details.
If you put your email details in the appropriate box, in the comment section, it won’t show up for everyone to see.
Only Australian residents are able to win.
Entries close midnight Wednesday 24th October And the winners will be announced and contacted Thursday night.
We can’t wait to read your entries!
*Edited to add: Seems blogger has removed the email box, in the comments section. So please make sure you check back for the winner announcement. Winners will need to make contact, with their address details, within 24 hours of the announcement or a new winner will be chosen*
Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received a complimentary copy of “Cinderella” DVD, for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own.
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  1. Allison Winchester8:02 PM

    While I would love to say Cinderella as she is the main character but who can pick really, each and ever character is fantastic, all bringing laughter and delight to the show.

  2. I have always loved the fairy godmother, that magic wand can turn mice into horses!

  3. I LOVE Lucifer! My favourite character is hardly ever a 'villain' but he's too adorable to resist lol

  4. The fairy godmother - how I would love to have the ability to turn people into princesses and give them their hearts desire!

  5. Lucy Holman10:39 PM

    Gus the little fat mouse - you've gotta love his little shirt that is a bit too short and a bit too tight!

  6. Im going to go against the odds I would have to go with her mean step sisters they have always been peculiarly interesting to me with their big bums gross noses and snotty attitudes and in the end they dont get what they want and look like fools.

    Kinda happens in real life the same thing people like that ...wonder if thats where they got the idea hehe

  7. The Prince: who doesn't love the idea of a Prince coming to whisk them away to live happily ever after?!?

  8. HelenM7:39 AM

    Sorry to be so predictable, but not only is Cinderella my favourite character in this movie, she is my favourite character in the fairytale world! I 'escaped' with her often during my childhood, re-lived the magic with my children, and now I'm lucky enough to be with her all over again with my grandchildren.

  9. The Prince, whats not to love, rich, handsome & powerful. He can put on my Garfield slipper any day

  10. celine8:08 PM

    It has to be Prince Charming - firstly, he has the best name ever and secondly, he stops at nothing until he gets the woman he wants - what a man!

  11. it has to me the cute sweet fat lil mouse called Gus

  12. Def the fairy godmother,don't we wish we all had our selves such a special lady to make all our hopes and dreams come true in life.

  13. Cinderella because she never gives up hope and proves that dreams can come true no matter what the odds are...what an awesome lesson to teach our children.

  14. The evil Step-Mother is my favourite as she makes things much easier for real-life step-mothers (like me). When I'm being told I'm evil by my step-daughter, I get to say "at least I haven't locked you away and made you scrub the floors like Cinderella's step-mum - so I'm not that bad!"

  15. julie bennett12:58 PM

    Cinderella is a princess that inspires happiness and dreams.
    Good hearted, and full of kindness and love.

  16. Cinderella herself, she is so sweet and deserving of her prince! If only she hadn't given me a cinderella complex! ;)

  17. Jaq the skinny mouse! He's is just so cute and funny!kinda like me =)

  18. I love Prince Charming... he does what Prince Charming should do. He looooooooooves Cinderella and they 'live happily ever after'..

  19. oooooh, it seems I've missed out on the giveaway the first time around, but just in case someone doesn't contact you I thought I would give it a go!
    My two girls would just absolutely LOVE this movie (but they haven't seen it yet) They're both obsessed by the Disney Princesses, and currently Ariel is thier favourite.
    I imagine that they would both instantly pick Cinderella herself as thier favourite character in this movie. They can never actually look past the Princess herself.
    For me.. I love the Fairy Godmother. She's the hero I think. So kind and generous.. definitely reminds me of my own grandmother.




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