Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Baby is now 8!!

Hard to believe that 8 years ago at 6 in the morning Little Megan was born! Can still remember everything with detail!! My she has grown, as they do, 2cm in the last year. And doing a thousand times better than what we ever expected 8 years ago!!! Our little girl is turning into a little lady before us and everyday we are amazed at what she has learnt, what she can do and getting glimpses of what she may become is scary but very exciting! We know she will be a confident person but hoping she has the self confidence is the prayer point! Where she rushes in you just hope she takes the time to enjoy the moment, while the dust settles, rather than leaving the dust behind her. We hope she takes the time to enjoy what others have to say rather than just leaving them with burning ears. We admire her character and strength and hopes that she learns to admire it too!
Anyway here are some photos of the little lady enjoying this one day in her 8 years!

Opening presents in the morning, which started a little after 6am with Jessica waking Megan and Lucy.

Presents. Money from Great Grandparents, a volcano from Grandma and Grandpa, from us she got chocolate, scrapbooking foam stickers, a stuff teddy pack and some shelving that is meant to spell LOVE but on opening we are missing the L so we will have to take that back. Grrr I told Megan we might not buy her presents again after this and the karaoke machine at Christmas (had to return that too!!!). She just laughed as if to say AS IF MUM!!! Mum and Dad also gave her a book, a hair thing and some kidsafe scissors.

Talking to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GRANDPA TOO!! They were first cab off the rank, followed by Poppy and Mashir (and Elizabeth who sang and 'sounded cute'), Granny and Grandpa and then Allison. She loved the calls, thanks everyone!

Love this photo of the amazement of the candle lit cake!

And this one with the smoke from the candles!

The cake, she cut right to the bottom just so she could kiss the boys. She reckons if you touch the bottom you have to kiss all the boys, not that Daddy and Poppy minded!! Me, I say if you touch the bottom you get green babys. Yet to see that one work though!!

The raspberrys and cream that followed the cake
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  1. Allison9:30 PM

    Happy birthday our precious meggy.....I also remember way back 8 years ago....and I have also seen how you have changed and grown and have been truly a blessing to all who come in contact with you.
    Love you missy moo and am glad you had a great day!!


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