Monday, October 01, 2007

Emotion commotion!

Today has been a day with things that made me go oh, things that made me go yeah and things that made me go hmmm (hope your singing the song now!!!)

Ok so let me tell ya about it all!!!

Today Elizabeth had her first 'by herself' session for prekinder, at the school we are at now as we are planning on changing schools next year. She doesn't particularly like the teacher but I thought it a good opportunity to learn that she has to do what the teacher needs her to do and a good opportunity for her to get into the 'seeya Mum' routine. Well that was fine, she didn't bat an eye lid and had a good time. But poor Lucy!! All day she had been saying that she wanted to stay and wasn't happy that Elizabeth was going to be at school without her, not because she wanted to be at school but because she wanted to be with Elizabeth. She didn't' want to say goodbye to Elizabeth, who was really lovely and came and gave her a hug, and she spent the hour at home very very quiet!! I think Lucy and I need some adjusting to the idea of having time without Elizabeth. Those two have such a wonderful relationship and today was a little harder than what it has been like 'letting go' of Megan and Jessica.

Dave was meant to have tonight away but rang, around 3.30, to say he was on his way home YAY!! So that was a good thing and the other HUGE good thing that happened today can be found over at Are you Feeling Groovie? A little while ago lovely Ed emailed me and asked if I would be their Groovie guest for October!! How could I refuse!!!! Is the first time I have been a guest and I love that I was asked!! They are a beautiful bunch of ladies so why not head on over and take up the challenge!!! I did this layout and you will have to go visit the blog to see what the challenge is, lots of fun ;) I did this layout before we went on our holiday and it is about how I was looking forward to spending time together. I used a toilet roll to 'stamp' the felt and I then opened the roll up, painted it all white and used it on the layout.

Today I finished off this page in my This Is Me Journal for the 'quote' challenge.

So that's my day!!! Ups and downs, but not to low ;0) Hope you had a great day and that your downs weren't to low either!

Take care and thanks for visiting!!

PS will have a RAK soon as I am just about to clock up 6,000 visitors and am very thankful for each of you!!

PPS speaking of thankful I updated The Thank You Blog so why not go check that out too! WOW that's a lot of homework!! Let me know how you get on with it all lol

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  1. That IS a lot of homework Sharmaine!!!

    And I was singing that song too lol...

    A huge congratulations for being asked to be a guest designer at Are You Feeling Groovie!! I will add it to my list of homework you have handed out and I will go and have a look!

    And poor Lucy. She can come and play with Charlotte during the week if she likes, because she gets terribly lonely when Olivia is at school too :-(

    Megan xx

  2. love your photos!

    love your layouts!

    i'm just happy to have you on Groovie and you've set a wonderful challenge!

    Happy October Sharmaine! :)
    *hugs* to your Girls. it's Children's Day on October 1st in Singapore :D

  3. can't wait to see your work @ Groovie's :) !! Congrats :) adorable girls too !

  4. Bonjour Sharmaine !!
    ohhh that is so sweet of your daughter tomiss the other. Isn't it this way always ?? when they are together for too long ..they fight and when they are away from each other...they miss each other sooo much !! same here with my girl and boy !!
    and ...well done for being a Guest Designer !! wooohoooo !! how cool is this !! and...loooove your LO on this post....but all your work !! :)


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