Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A note from the teacher...

Yep Megan had one of those this afternoon!! Megan and her friend had walked across a road and up a hill so they could walk back to school with a friend. Hmmmmm So after a phone call to Dave he came home a little early and we had a talk to Megan about staying with in the school boundaries, that her teacher is responsible for her while she is at school and about using her brain and knowing when things aren't right they aren't right!! She also had to write a letter apologizing to her teacher for doing what she did and that next time she would try to be more safe and sensible.... glad this lesson has been learnt without something bad happening!!!

My computer just scared the jabberhuts out of me!! I must have been pressing the Shift key too many times cos up popped a window asking if I wanted to turn 'sticky keys' on but what TERRIFIED ME is the squeak that my computer used to notify me of this action! It sounds like a mouse and you should have seen my feet leave the floor... no you wouldn't have seen them! It would have been a blur! I HATE MICE!!!

Ok changing the subject as I now have the hee-bee-jee-bees!

I scrapped last night:

I was a little Pringle when it came to doodling... Once I popped I couldn't stop!! I used a cotton reel to print my scallop edge.

Tomorrow we have Elizabeth's speech therapy in the morning and playgroup in the afternoon. What is your Wednesday looking like?? Thanks for visiting :)
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  1. Julie LOVE7:03 AM

    Hey there Sharmaine!!! LOVING all your latest layouts......and photos of your girls!!!

    Thanks for the tag (NOT!!!) LOL will get onto it soonish

    Have a great week


  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I hope no spiders found their way in either! I forgot about your blog Sharmaine. I've bookmarked it now. I love the way you scrapbook.
    That black and white photo of your dd Jessica below is really good, a real moodiness to it.

  3. Hi Sharmaine !! found your blog through Mel's and this LO is FANTASSTIC !!
    Love it !!!

  4. Darling LO! You take sweet pictures of your kids!!


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