Monday, January 26, 2009

I am amazed how much the garden has grown. I took this shot on the 13th and look at it now!

Today was just a random type of day. Sunshiny outside time,
a visit from my pal Siska who now resides in Western Australia :(, a trip to the supermarket for meat and milk, a trip to the chemist to get some antihistamine because Elizabeth got stung by a bee, Lucy wandering around the house with a red bucket singing 'I'm going to Grandma's house' because she thought she was little red riding hood... I think she got the story a little twisted there somewhere lol

Dave and the girls washed both vans. It doesn't happen often so they had lots of 'wet' fun. Now before you view these photos I would like to say that we don't have water restrictions here, our van can't fit onto the lawn AND the water that you see running onto the drive then goes into a drain that goes straight out the back and onto our back lawn. We are thankful to live in a State that has rain and, even though we haven't had a decent amount in a long time, thankful for water storage AND we often think of those that aren't as fortunate as us and have water restrictions year round, like Grandma.

While Dave and the girls did that I started a couple of layouts.

and that's our day, very random indeed. Something else random... I'm about to go join Facebook. Always said I wouldn't, like I need another thing to be doing online.!!, but Siska is going to join and I soooo want to have more contact with her this year so I'm off to become a facebooker, ahhh!!!
PS Megan, I am glad you had a wonderful time with Grandma today and I hope you have a great Tuesday too. Love you :) oxoxoxoxoxo
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  1. Send them over to wash my van!! It's full of salt!

    Love your layouts!!

    Be careful on Facebook, it's addictive!

  2. Your sunshine looks so divine! It's winter here and summer there.. and I'm vicariously living through all your glorious sunshine fun! Your garden looks good. I will not get to plant one until the last week of May.

    And Tag!

  3. What a beautiful day you had. It is quite gloomy here.

    I agree with Rachael-Facebook is addictive especially when school mates find you and you get back in touch with them...I like it, but it is crazy.

    You can find me there: Annemarie Victory

  4. Cute pages and pics! I'm a beginner gardner and excited to plant our "harvest" this year:-)

    ~Tamara Nicole~

  5. awww ty for the award :)
    my gosh was that a sprinkler they are now extinct in sydney !!!!
    love the sepia pic's just beautiful


  6. your children are so gorgeous. It looks like such warm lovely weather over there in Australia. Send some to NY!!!


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