Monday, March 30, 2009

"Sorry I Couldn't Hold It In"

Don't you just love hearing those words???
Speaking of which Elizabeth, yesterday, started saying "As you wish" whenever we asked her to do something. I love her even more for saying that and without even knowing why I love her for saying it lol She continued with it today too :) Love that movie!
Also speaking of Miss E, this morning we had a physio appointment, to make up for the one we had 2 weeks ago in which she wouldn't listen and was too busy sitting in a foam circle... Anyway this morning she did well, even hopped 10 times on one of her legs. Have some new things to do at home before we go back again in 2 weeks.
Dropped her back at school then Lucy and I headed to the library and then the supermarket. It's been a cold and overcast day today but this little missy asked for a drink of milo. She told me the cold milk warmed her up...

Today I found that this in the garden had bloomed and that made me smile and remember.

I also scrapped today

Yep another "not 12x12"
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  1. omgosh! look at that gorgeous flower in your garden!!! i've never even seen one like it!
    can't wait to show kelly...she'll love it

    love the non-12x12s...those berries look delish

  2. Oh I miss those banksia flowers!!
    I love your 'not 12x12' LO

  3. That flower is amazing.

    I hadn't thought of that movie in forever. My roommate used to love that when we were in college and we used to have to watch it whenever we went to her parents' house.

    Ah, memories.

  4. and boy do i miss those banksia!


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