Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't Fall Asleep At The Wheel

Dave had the day off today and we headed to the park up the road.
We got there a little after 10am and left around 12.
It was cold, overcast and very wet but we had fun :)
Took a few too many photos, did I just say that??
And here are just some

Elizabeth and I took some photos near this brick heart we found

some moss, cos I love it

the dam that is in the centre of the park and what we walked around

what the sky looked like, through the gum trees

Jessica in her beanie

some swing action

some slide action

Megan in her beanie

a lone pine cone that was screaming to have a photo taken

We have had lots of rain of late. This is normally dry or a trickle at best.

There is a stage at the park, for performances etc, and each of the girls had a turn doing an act... This was Lucy

and this is where the audience sit

gum nuts

fungi on a tree

Hard to get but ohhhh my heart


Lucy and her sword

Elizabeth hugging a tree

she had a splinter and was happy to have it out, it was tiny :)

Love this photo

these need no explaining...

My crazys

some leaves Elizabeth and I found. Gorgeous colour and covered with little droplets of water

and Dave giving birth to a ride on chicken???

And if you have made it this far without falling asleep then I want to share some awesome news with you, HERE. And there is a competition happening, so go quick and have a look :) I'm excited!!
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  1. OH MY STARS...I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those photos....I think the 4 of them walking together is my FAVE...of course Dave giving birth is a good one too!!! LOL!!!! CONGRATS on the DT!!! I have left ya some love over there! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. thanks for your nice comments on my blog :) all your family photos, your life looks as busy as mine with all those beautiful girls!! Love that photo of them all walking together, definitely one to scrap! xxjodie

  3. Who can fall asleep with those great photos! Love the one where all your 4 girls walking down the road, the see-saw picture. They were great! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on being DT again and I'm sure people will be inspired by your creations!

  4. Such great pics!!! I so enjoyed looking at them!!!! Congrats on the DT!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Oh, so much fun! I appreciate how much vigor you have for life. You get out there and live it! So much fun. Thanks for sharing all those photos :)

  6. Oh my!!! These are just the most gorgeous photos!!! I love the one of the four of them walking down the road...that even made my heart trip!
    I read about Elizabeth and her goals...we know about those goals too, and hears wishing she reaches them easily and successfully!

  7. Hi!
    Just popping by to say hello:) See you at Qtea kits!

  8. congrats on the Qtea team :0
    great pic's
    looks so cold there


  9. I really like the photos very much <3


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