Saturday, August 01, 2009

My Day Runneth Over

It was a slightly full day, as you will see…

* 2 games of soccer at 9am, so Dave took Megan to her game while the rest of us headed to Jessica’s

*It blew a gale, rained and we even saw some sleet while we were at soccer

*Came home and made some of these, to warm us up, they were meant to be cheese and chive scones but I found a fantastic Cinnamon scroll recipe instead, and we all love cinnamon in this house!

*Those didn’t last long, the recipe made 20+ little ones, they were gobbled up and enjoyed by all :)

*Dave left for his soccer game after lunch and us girls headed to the supermarket so we could get the ingredients for a cake Elizabeth and I were making, her reward for another 5 stars on her Big and Brave chart

*We cooked a cherry berry cake

*After putting it the oven, for the 65-75 minute baking, I took Elizabeth’s temperature. She hadn’t been feeling well most of the day, complaining of belly and head aches. Her temp was 38 so I gave her some panadol and rang the swine flu hotline. The lady was lovely and told me to go to the GP, just to be sure. So I packed the 4 girls into the van and headed to the after hours Dr, after turning the oven off with the cake still needing 20+ minutes to go. The GP didn’t think it was swine flu but we will see how Elizabeth progresses and hopefully she will pick up soon :)

*Came home, turned the oven back on, and was cooking dinner when Dave got home from his game. The cake took longer than it should have but we ate a slice, warm, for dessert :)

So that was my Saturday, hoping to have a bath in a minute and then watch some telly while I nuggle Dave on the couch, nice way to end the day!

Will leave you with the layouts I made for Scrap-n-Crop, using the August kit “I see trees of green”.





Had to use the ‘Gojumpina Lake’ from the paper brand strip (what are those strips called??)


Pine Cone




Very cool owl pins in this kit


Camping Out Inside


and I painted the owl chipboard piece after using it as a template on the Splash layout


You can also see the whopping 7 layouts that Rachel made, either on her blog or in the Scrap-n-Crop gallery :)

Right-o, off to run that bath!!

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  1. Oh Sharmaine....these pics are wonderful...the cinnamon rolls look so yummy and so does the cake!!! Cherry is my favorite!!! So sorry your little is not feeling well but thank goodness it was not Swine Flu!!!!! Love the LO...I just adore your style!!!!! Hoping for a great day for you!!!! :)

  2. Yummy - that goes for both the cinnamon rolls and your LO's! Love the owls! Especially the one with the button eyes! Made me smile inside and out! :)

  3. Great papers. I love the layouts. Those cinnamon scrolls look very yummy. I also looked up the berry cake recipe too. I may have to actually bake something, but I might wait until it stops being 100 degrees everyday. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love cinnamon too! Will pray for Elizabeth to recover quickly and your family protected! Proud of Elizabeth for the 5 stars!

  5. Busy day for you guys! Hope Elizabeth is better today.
    Like your LO's too ... I wanted to use that gojumpinalake strip too, but didn't have the right photos :-) I've kept it though just in case heheee

  6. Yes its blowing a gale here too!!

    Love your LO's!!! stunning stuff!!

    Ooooh and I think i'll pop over for a bite to eat - yummy baking going on!!!

  7. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY FOOD....and soooooooooooooooooo LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the lo's ......have missed U my dear! :):):):):):):):):)


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