Monday, August 24, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin

10 sleeps and we will be heading off on our adventure to Grandma’s house
Catching the boat will be ummmm fun lol
We have no plans for how we will spend our time when we get there but we are all looking forward to a break from the norm, seeing Grandma and Grandpa (Dave’s Mum and Stepdad), filling our days with STUFF oh and of course shopping ;)
Each of the girls spoke to Grandma on the phone this afternoon and all are very excited about seeing her soon, yes me too :) :)

After yesterday’s sunshine it poured from about midnight on, yes I was awake and heard it… one of those nights :)
Today was a little windy but I got the towels out and dry so that made me happy, sort of wished I had put all the washing out but it’s almost dry on the airers so I have to be happy with that :)
Dave’s van had to go in to be fixed, thankfully only costing $150 not thousands, and apart from Lucy and I going to the library the day was spent around home and I scrapped this page


Went a little crazy with the sewing maching


Love these buttons from Such Sweet Tierney


and the journaling (please add an ‘e’ to difference because my type writer did not lol)


Oh and I just spied the new Q Tea September kit, now this looks like fun

It’s ready to be shipped on the 4th so you better head on over to the Q Tea blog if you want to snaffle one because, as always, stock is limited.

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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that LO!!!! I love how U sewed over the Thickers....sadly my machine isn't that I broke a needle trying to sew on Hambly overlay....*sigh* someday a better machine!!! LOL! LOVE YA! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. WOW-I ADORE that LO!!
    and your jumping photos are fab-
    and I love the Journalling revolution book too!!

  3. super cute lo :)
    so so windy here today

  4. Oh....this LO is so ADORABLE!!! The pic is just perfect and I love all the detai have such a way with each LO exuding the love for your family!!!!!! I love how you sewed over the Thickers!!!! Have a great day sweet friend!!! :)

  5. I always think those qtea kits look so darling!

    And that layout is so cute - love the mix of colors. :)

  6. Grandma5:40 PM

    you are not the only one who is counting down!!!! hope the wind dies down before next week, we had snow showers here yesterday too!!!


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