Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trying Something New

For a long time I have wanted to make this, since I first saw it in February. I even went to the tip shop and found the thickest book I could find so I could play.


Looks boring doesn’t it!! But it’s red, it’s thick and it has some cool graphics inside, ideal! And then it sat under my scrap table not doing much at all…

For a long time too I have been wanting to ‘dabble’ in stamping, collage… more mixed media and then yesterday I read Pam’s blog and saw her creation for a group called CrowAbout. It looked like fun and it looked just like what I had been waiting for, so I asked to play along and got straight into the fun!!


This saying was something we were talking over when Dave’s Mum was here. As soon as I saw the collage pictures I knew what I wanted to make, a dancing dressed up dog :)


Love this fella :)


Now the way Christina made her book was straight forward, front to back, prepare everything first… Well not me lol I just pulled out random pages and then started somewhere near the end of the book. My plan is to make it as I go and in absolutely no order at all! I will glue the pages as I go and quite possibly do the cover near the end, when the book is finished the very thought of which excites me :)


So my ‘new project’ is going to be about quotes/sayings that are a little outside the norm but are everyday ‘lingo’ and I am going to have fun with it as I will the book with collage :) Looking forward to the next page :)

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Give Me A Big Tick, Please :)

Today I accomplished everything I wanted to do :)
Yay Me!

This morning I baked
Choc Chip Cookies
Corn Bread, made in a larger slab tin so was thinner than normal,


and Cheese Puffs (my own recipe of a scone/biscuit type thing lol)


I added some sesame seeds to some


They are all now bagged up and in the freezer awaiting their addition to lunch boxes :)


Lucy helped me and when she wasn’t helping she was…
Painting in her colour with water, book that Grandma gave her,


and dressing up as a visitor to our house :)


Another thing that was on my to-do-list today was to work *cough play* with the gorgeous buttons from Such Sweet Tierney. Finally I feel that I have ‘me’ back and loved working *cough playing* today. Here is a sneak of what I made :)



After school the girls and I went to visit with another family from school. Lovely LOVELY time was had by all and we didn’t get home till late and the wonderful Dave had dinner on the table waiting for us when we got home, just another reason why I love him. Speaking of which, found this on the hallway heater this morning :)


Hope your week has started well, thanks for stopping by :)

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

When I Stop…

I crash and burn.
So I really shouldn’t stop??!!
This past week has been mammoth and today we took ‘time out’
Dave and I stayed in bed till after 9am
The girls took over the lounge room
Megan had a PJ day, and loved it
I went to the Quilt and Craft fair for an hour
Dave did a tip run with the old dishwasher, old oil heater and other rubbish
I cooked roast lamb and veg for dinner…
A nice ‘time out’ type of day but boy am I tired!!
And all because I stopped :)

So rolling back to Friday…
Lucy and I took the girls to school and then came home to tackle the washing before heading off on our roadtrip to Launceston. She was SUPER good the whole trip! It’s about a 2 hour drive to Launceston and with just her dolly, 5 books and me to entertain her, she did really well! We got to Launceston around lunchtime, but had eaten lunch already, Lucy had the “I’m Hungry’s” not long after leaving home but I can prepared for that :) We rewarded ourselves with a babycino and Caramel Latte before heading to Grandpa’s house, Grandpa being Dave’s Grandpa. We spent a little time there before ‘napping Grandma, being Dave’s Mum, and starting our journey home.

We had lots of rain on Thursday and Friday so the soccer games for Saturday were cancelled. We spent the day hanging with Grandma instead. A trip to town and then some time around home, which everyone enjoyed.

100_5173 100_5174 100_5175

Uncle Samuel, being Dave’s youngest brother, came to collect Grandma in the afternoon. After she left we all felt a little flat and it was very much a case of… now what…

Today, as I said, was spent at home. Resting, catching up on things and while I cooked dinner Dave did some of his study, he is hard at it again now.


Tonight, after the girls were ready for bed they had some fun ripping Dave’s jeans. They were worn through and the tip run had put a hole in them so the girls all had a go at ripping them before they teamed up to finish off the job. You should have heard the screams and giggles!!!


Will leave you with some sneak peeks of what I made with my July Kit for Love Scrappin’

100_5097100_5088 100_5092 100_5095

Still some of the June kits left and the July ones go on sale soon, make sure your signed up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out :)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Survived My Wednesday

Only to have my Thursday push me around like a kid on a hurdy gurdy!
But Thursday is almost over and Friday is looking full but fun. Lucy and I head off on a little roadtrip to pick up Grandma (Dave’s Mum) who is in Launceston visiting her Dad. She is staying with us tomorrow night, yay.

So back to Wednesday…

Lucy had her first pre-kinder session. An hour and a half of fun kindergarten-y type stuff and the classroom was wall to wall 3-4 year olds and their parents. Lucy loved every second and did all the crafty (aka messy) activities. She decorated a paper hat, made a name tag and 3 paintings :)


When it was finished we dashed home, she gobbled down a banana before we jumped into the car again to take Poppy to the airport. He is having 2 weeks at my Brother’s place and Mum, my sister and her 2 little ones fly over too. So glad they are getting time together, I know Dad needed it and I am guessing Mum did too, and a change of scenery wouldn’t hurt the others :)

From the airport Lucy and I went to McDonalds for a late lunch before going to the Dr for Lucy’s immunization. We had talked about it and she had been fine up till when the poor fella went to bring the needles over. Then she wailed and screamed but once it was over was fine :) I had promised her a tiara so we dashed across the road and found one that came with some clip on earrings, she is dazzling in them lol


Today, Thursday, it has poured with rain all day. 100_5171

The ground is already saturated from all the rain we have had in the last three weeks so there are lots of puddles. The poor kids, and teachers, at school had a fire alarm go off, electrical work that tripped with the water, so all the school had to stand out on the oval for half an hour, right before lunchtime, in the pouring rain!

The last 2 weeks Megan has had swimming with school. All the grade 3 through to 5’s have to do it and Megan has done really well. Today was assessment day so Lucy and I went to watch.


As you can probably tell I am really feeling all the busy-ness and feeling a little flat about everything, unless it’s on the get-through-today list. After thinking about all of this I took 10 minutes out to put onto paper something I wanted to tell the girls. Sometimes you need to stop and play for no reason what so ever!


Some close ups


I used some Cherry Arte rub-ons that I had recently received from the lovely Viv


Also am excited to finally be able to share with you the creations I made for a Guest Spot at Scrapping Clearly. Kylie sells some amazing acrylic albums and she sent me the House album. As soon as I opened it and saw there were 4 pages I knew what I wanted to make, a name plate for each of the girls to hang above their bedroom doors. Each of them are different and I used different techniques for each of them too.










Jessica was the only one that had requirements, she asked of a Giraffe :)


Had lots of fun with this and glad I can now share it with you, go check out the site because there are some amazing work in the gallery to inspire you all :)

Have a great start to your weekend, back sometime :)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tents, lollipops and dandelions

and if your very, very good I might even through in some scrappy sneak peaks :)

Today started overcast, cold, dreary, wet… you get the picture??

So after dropping the girls off at school, heading to the library and fruit shop Lucy and I spent most of the day inside, till the cloud lifted and the sun shone for us :)

So I pulled out the sunshade tent for Lucy and she set herself up a little hibernating cave in the lounge room and filled it with blankets, toys and books, as you do :)


When the sun finally appeared we headed out, it was still chilly though, and I took my camera for a little walk and spied a nice ‘plump’ dandelion who was just waiting for me to turn into a star ;)



And someone else was being very ‘star-ish’ with this pose, don’t you think??!!


Have been working on Scrap-n-Crop’s July kit, did 2 pages while Lucy watched Playschool this morning :) and now have some sneak peeks for you :)





Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day. Prekinder starts for Lucy and I, taking Dad to the airport, Lucy to the Dr to get her 4 year old shots and topping the day off with the usual Wednesday Guides for Megan and Jessica, busy??? Some lol

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