Sunday, August 29, 2010

What’s His Name?

Funny story
Well I hope you think it’s funny!
I hope this isn’t a “You had to be there” stories
And that you will see the humour in it too :)
When we were away recently, on our road trip,
we visited the local Farmer’s Market
As we were walking in there were two older ladies walking out
One kept looking at Dave and as she walked past she said “Hello Matthew, how are you?”
Dave politely said “Hi, good thanks”
This page is made to remember that story
as well as a quick mention of the other names he has been called of late :)
Like Gary at soccer
and even my Mum called him Joe the other day…
So the girls have had fun calling him Matthew, Gary, Gazza, Matt… you get the picture :)


some journaling :)


I used bits from the August Studio Calico kit(s)
In one kit was a “packed by Andrew” card, a PERFECT addition to the page :)


Love me a cut-in-half Such Sweet Tierney chipboard button :)


I don’t play favourites…
I love the other half too :)


The weekend has been spent decluttering, reorganising and redecorating
Totally inspired by the new-to-us sideboard cabinet we received from Dave’s Mum last week
It had been given to her by her Grandparents
So we are quite thankful to have it and… well.. I like it in it’s new home :)


I bought, from Spotlight, a grey table runner to go across the top
and some red plastic place mat to go under the lamps
The lamps we have had a while now, won at a soccer dinner auction a couple of years ago
the letters I also bought from one of my favourite shops Typo
It’s a mainland store but there is a small section of products found in Hobart in the Cotton On shop


Looks mighty fine in real life, better than this photo, even if I do say so myself :)

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  1. xoddddd7:56 PM

    No thanks needed for moving the furniture...

  2. Thanks Dave... Matthew... what's ya name!

  3. LOL funny story. My husband gets that a lot too. We just smile and just keep on walking.

    That sideboard...I love the vintage feel. And I LOVE how you accessorized it.

  4. Love this LO and the story is toooo cute!!!!

    Wow what a great did a wonderful job with it...I love it!!!

    Wishing you a great week sweet friend!!!

  5. hehehehehehe....that happens to me too!! LOL!! Loveeeeeeeeeee the lo! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. hehehe that's funny alright! Love you captured the memory! So much fun! :)


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