Friday, August 27, 2010

What A Day

That’s all…
And speaking of Day
Here is a page I made for Banana Frog, about Pink Day (which happened back in May)|


You can read more about the page on the Banana Frog blog


the journaling :)


the buttons are from Such Sweet Tierney


and I made the rolled flower out of the pattern paper and the pom pom trim is from a QTea kit


and as promised photos of todays Vegetable Day


We had a chilli


a potato, with eyes


a pumpkin


and a carrot


she was upset because she wanted to not be a carrot by this time and would have rathered to just dress up
she changed her mind and her mood not long after :) 

So glad it is now the weekend
So hoping for a sleep in, of sorts tomorrow
So looking forward to the school holidays
One week to go, yay :)

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  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh that Pink LO is PERFECT!!!! I love it....

    The veggies are adorable....they turned out awesome!!!

    Enjoy your weekend....relax~~~

  2. I have missed so much! I always love allyour photos Sharmaine. So glad you had a great vacation and I must say the Dare layout is one of my new favorites of yours. I love that photo of you so much. I amy have to copy it. I am thinking facial hair might be fun!

  3. the potato is the easiest to make! LOL. Another great photo for another great layout!

  4. Happy weekends!
    Not normally drawn to pink myself but that sure is a fun page.

  5. Happy weekends!
    Not normally drawn to pink myself but that sure is a fun page.


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