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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Giveaway–Beauty and the Beast

The lovely Jayne, from the PR firm Mango, recently asked if we would like to review the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast

Beauty & The Beast P11750 Beautyshot
How could I say no?!?!
Do you know the story?
How could you not?
But if you don’t…
”Beauty and the Beast, a true love classic follows the magical journey of the beautiful and intelligent Belle,
who is taken prisoner by a hideous beast. Despite all, Belle befriends the enchanted staff and learns to see
beneath the Beast’s scary appearance and discovers the heart and soul of a Prince.”
We have an old video copy of this movie so I was interested to see how the digital version measured up.
I was really surprised with how clear and wonderful the graphics were restored.
Watching the movie felt like it was a new movie and not the classic that it is.
The special features are always a favourite for our kids and the 2-disc DVD comes with some games and a sing a-long feature.
It also has behind the scenes features and The Story Behind The Story.

I love that Disney are restoring these magical classics and, sadly, this one has gone back into “the vault”.
It’s in shops, from yesterday, but once it’s sold out... you know the rest!
But wait…….
I have 2 to giveaway!!!
How cool is that!!
The girls and I were discussing the giveaway and it seems Megan is a hard task master
She said we should make you work a little!
So to enter you need to leave a comment, on this post, saying what your favourite childhood movie was and why.
All the entries will then be read to the girls and they are going to pick the 2 entries they like the best.
Make sure you leave your name and an email address so I can email the winners for their address details.
If you put your email details in the appropriate box, in the comment section, it won’t show up for everyone to see.
Only Australian residents are able to win.
Entries close midnight Sunday 5th August
And the winners will be announced and contacted Monday night.
We can’t wait to read your entries!
Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post. I received a complimentary copy of “Beauty and the Beast” DVD, for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own.
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  1. Lisa Rushton8:42 PM

    The classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma!
    I couldn't tell you how many times I watched it and sang along. It's delightful and I can still recall entire scenes, verbatim. It has it all; comedy, romance, singing, dancing, and nervous anticipation. Curly is adorable, Aunt Ella calls a spade a spade and Miss Laurie is too cute for words. I'm thinking I need to watch it again this weekend, probably for the 109th time.

  2. Picnik at Hanging Rock, i was about 8 when we saw it at the drive-in, i always wanted to know what happened to those girls! I love all the Disney Classics and Cinderella is my all time favourite, who doesn't want their own prince!

  3. I know a little girl that would love this movie so just have to enter.

    I loved Annie the musical when I was a little person...I loved it so much I know it word for word...still!!

    "Your never fully dressed without a smile"!!

    Ciao ladies

  4. Rosemary Willis Bennett8:42 PM

    I As a child I LOVED The Swiss Family Robinson. I DESPARATELY wanted to live in THAT treehouse by the beach and be free with the animals I think most of my awesome cubby house building skills were learnt from that movie :)
    Oh and when my kids watched Beauty and the beast on VHS I always had to rewind and watch several times the library scene! When the beast pulled back those curtains to let the sun shine into that library I fell in love all over again! I had to buy several copies of that movie on VHS Until the DVD came out lol

  5. Oh what a great giveaway. I'd love to watch this with my little girl ;-)) its really hard to pick just one favourite. I think I would have to say Storm Boy...a beautiful film about a pelican named Mr Percival by a little boy. And if I was a kid when I saw Toy Story I would totally pick that... But - sigh - I was a grown up so it doesn't count *giggle* good luck everyone!!!

  6. I have never seen beauty and the beast!

    I think my favourite childhood movie is also Storm Boy. I so wanted a pet pelican!

  7. My fave was always Snow White. Who doesn't like dwarves and singing!!

  8. I would love to win this movie for my nieces, Miss B and Em.
    My favourite childhood movie is "Mary Poppins" because it is such a joyous movie filled with singing and dancing. I have fond memories of snuggling up under a blanket wth my cousins in the back of my uncle's station wagon at a drive in movie theatre watching it as a smal child.
    I dressed up as Mary Poppins last night for a fancy dress 21st last night actually.

  9. Wizard of Oz! - Me

    Star wars! - Husband

    Free Willy! - Daughter (3)

    Space Jam! - Son (6)

    I used to fight my brother as a child to watch The little mermaid and Beauty and the beast.. It would end in tears and us watching nothing.. We never learnt!

    - Mel

  10. Batteries not included.

    What and amazing film, I remember watching this on Video and now thanks to a multiple pack of DVDs we own it and now I can share this sweet movie with my family. I love that this movie invokes all your emotions and that its about battlers sticking it to the big man, and that every life, even machines are precious. Gosh just thinking about the big bloke in the movie taking the time to care and repair the little runt of the robot family, brings a smile to my dial.
    If you haven't seen it I think your family would love it.


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