Tuesday, April 09, 2013


With the change of seasons
Comes the chore of seeing what winter clothes still fit the girls.
And that chore starts with pyjamas
Seeing who has winter pyjamas
And whose ankles are showing because someone has grown.
Seeing who needs new pyjamas
Because the hand-me-down pants just won’t stay up as the elastic waist has seen better days.
Next comes the job of heading to Target to stock up.
This job is rather easy though.
Target have a wonderful range of winter pyjamas for kids.
With plenty of variety you can find a pair  in a range of colours
or an animal/character to suit a range of age groups.
We picked up a Tweety Bird pair and a Panda pair
(pandas are a favourite choice in our house!)
With Target’s Mid Season Sale now on, the Pyjama choice was a happy one!
The two girls were happy with their PJ choices
And I am too, as long as there isn’t too much of this
and whole lot of this
Because they will be snug as bugs in rugs!
Disclosure: This is a paid sponsored post. I also receive vouchers to spend on items, for review purposes.
For this post I purchased two pairs of pyjamas.
All words and opinions expressed are purely my own.      
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  1. Your girls are such good sports! And I love the PJ's; I just got Aurora some new ones, too!

  2. Love those jammies! Stay warm!

  3. Right, after reading this post, I'm off to get in my jammies and snuggle up in bed! Night night! xx


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