Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Mail

Spent this morning, with Lucy, at the post office. Filled out 13 custom declaration forms, because if it is more than just paper you need to declare it... so my lovely little happy mail fell in that category and forms needed filling out!! So an hour later... Question...why does mail cost so much to send????? Any way all the mail is now on its way and that makes me happy.

Speaking of mail and happiness... look at what I got today!!!!!

The gorgeous Gigi was my rainbow swap partner, we had to send packages full of rainbow-ness. Thank you Gigi! The sweets have already been opened and sampled by four eager girls :)

And speaking of those girls, I did my One Little Word challenge today. The word prompt was Blessed.

Megan had swimming after school today and she is doing really well! She also starts up soccer next week so she's going to be a busy girl, as is Dave (well he will be a busy boy not a busy girl) as he is going to coach her school team. Fun Fun :)

Hope your Monday has been a happy one and thanks for visiting

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Sunday, March 30, 2008


And not much to tell :)
* Church this morning
* Home for lunch
* Watched George of the Jungle with the girls
* Got all my happy mail mail outs ready to go
* Cooked something new for dinner
* Dave made Golden Syrup Dumplings for dessert

and that's it :)
What did you get up to today??
School back tomorrow
Thanks for visiting
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A little spoiled

that's how I feel!!

Woke this morning to this gorgeous sunrise

Today Dave was meant to have his first soccer game but it wasn't on so instead he took his girls shopping. We each got a book, donuts for morning tea, then Freddo was in town so the girls were given a chocolate each, Megan got a new top and shoes and then I got 2 cardigans, 2 t-shirts and 2 other tops!! Thanks Dave :) Last weekend I went through my wardrobe and had a huge toss out and now these new clothes aren't just going to sit in the wardrobe they are going to be worn!!!

I took some photos of Megan today, she was playing her guitar when I pulled out the camera and then we went outside, I think she had fun ;)

We were naughty and she hang off the clothes line, her face lit up when I said go on!!

Hoping that decision doesn't bite me in the backside or we might have her swinging off it all the time!!! Was nice to see her smile like that though :)
Hope your week is a happy one too :)
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun Filled Day


First thing this morning we went back to the Fit n Fun Centre and this time we got to go in! 4 levels of nothing but good fun, so good I couldn't resist getting in and having a go with them ;) the girls had a ball (or two lol).

Photos :)

Megan had great fun shooting balls at me!

We tried to get a shot with the balls coming out but instead she hit the camera so we gave up that idea. But she still found it funny aiming at my head... hmmm

And there was a trampoline

And a jumping castle where Megan found she could do somersaults in the air!!

I love this photo because Jessica is lying down and looking "like, yeah whatever" by this stage lol
And then there was this, a giant slide!! They all loved this one!

There were lots more photos mostly all blurry lol and not many of Lucy as she just loved everything and went off through it all by herself!

We had lunch with Dave at his work, the girls love going there and go a little ummm off the show.

Then this afternoon we had a visit from a family who live around the corner from us. They also go to the same school and church as us, so it was nice to get to know them a little bit more. They have 4 kids, 2 girls 2 boys, and the girls are the same age as Megan and Jessica. They all played really well together and YES it was noisy lol

Looking forward to the weekend before school starts again on Monday.

Thanks for visiting :)
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Toot Toot!!

Just wanted to say how proud I am of my friend Allison!! She has landed, on her feet running, a super Digi Design team spot with Willro & Co!!!! I am excited for what it means for Allison and love the digi pages she has started to create. Yay Allison :) You can see the Willro & Co stuff over at A Cherry On Top!!
Back to non-digi pages though, this is how my page from yesterday ended up. I am yet to have it grow on my but its a photo I have had for a long time and the photo means a lot as it's of Dave's Grandparents.

Yes I cut it down to 8.5x11 and added bits :)

Also today I received this

Happy Mail from the gorgeous KL :) I also got off my backside and started making some things to send out for the happy mail list which is meant to end on Monday!! Will be late happy mail lol

Dave is out at soccer training. Poor fella had a flat battery this morning so we got to run him to work before heading out to do all the things on the to do list!! This afternoon I tried to take the girls to a fun and fitness place, with a big slide, ball pit etc, but they were full so we went and bought some colour in books instead :)

Hope your day has been a good one, another cold and wet one here. Thanks for visiting :)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Dave is on his way home RIGHT NOW!!
The day has been a busy one, just as planned :) but the weather was cold and wet so lots of inside time

Among all the things we had to do today there was time for



and some happy mail from Aimee

Megan wanted to scrap

then Jessica wanted to scrap

and here are their pages, the photos are ones they took themselves Christmas last year :)
*edited* Megan's layout of Jessica, the bottom photo is from 2 years ago


While they created I tried to create... I made this page but have since decided it isn't finished and so will show you the completed page when it's done :)

I find it hard to scrap when they scrap and I find it hard to scrap when they are around so my ummm creative juices were else where and hoping to find them again lol Did you notice that Megan used the ring eyelets that I had used as a mask for my paint?? Love that she recycled ;)

Ok so Dave is half way home now and then a taxi ride Yippy Yippy YAY :)
Thanks for visiting :)
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our day started with...

Dave pancakes, yum.

today was a little lazier than yesterday but somehow still busy??!!
The girls played together all day, mostly really well, Dave got to read his book, I baked some choc chip cookies, dusted here and there and had a general clean up around the place.
Tomorrow Dave is off to Melbourne, plane leaving at 6am, for 2 nights. Hopefully he could be back tomorrow night but we will see! So I have been putting off things so I can fill the days while he is away.
Today I did a page in my This Is Me journal, about pets
and this page of Elizabeth, used a pair of pants that was to be tossed out for the polka dot material (I just couldn't throw out polka dots!), the ribbon came from WHO KNOWS WHERE and was found in one of the girls rooms, some doodling and a sticker from Silvita's happy mail stickers.

Hope your week has started out well and thanks for visiting :)

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy Day

but first, rewinding to yesterday!!
The girls awoke to little chocolate eggs in the hallway and it wasn't long before they were gobbling on some eggs that a bunny had left!

In the afternoon we took their bikes to the 'grassy spot' for a spin and then off to Mum and Dad's for dinner.

Today we have been busy, busy, busy. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we filled it to the brim!

Elizabeth and Jessica painted a canvas each, that they were given for Christmas.
Elizabeth's Unicorn

Jessica's fairy

Lucy blew some bubbles

Megan had been given some Tattoo gel pens for Christmas and they were pulled out too.

Even Dave got in on the action and made one...

We had a walk to the shop for some milk and bread and then after lunch the girls pulled out their Thomas sets and filled the lounge room.

Between all that I scrapped a little...

This one I finished yesterday, is for the challenge that was over at Sisterhood of Scrap. The challenge, which ended yesterday, was to use a ? in your title and to use 2 pieces of fabric or ribbon etc.

Today, after being inspired by the girls painting on canvas, I pulled out a canvas and used it for the challenge over at Scrap Mojo.

Then, still having the paint urge, I created these two layouts.

Well I think that is about it, well done for braving the photo overload and thanks for visiting :)
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday cake anyone??

Uncle Samuel (Dave's youngest brother) had a birthday this week and has come to play computer games with Dave so we had a little birthday celebration :)

Yes he looks impressed doesn't he ;)

Today we went out to buy his present, Megan spent her birthday money and got herself a new tamagotchi, we also got a new video/dvd player (Elizabeth had broken our other one by putting a video in sideways and we got one that was on sale) and then we went and bought some bunk beds. Dave had been reimbursed some money through work so it was nice to go get some things that we wouldn't have been able to get otherwise!
Hope your all having a lovely Easter, the girls are excited about leaving their bowls out for the Easter Bunny. No matter what you believe, about Easter, I hope that you have a peaceful and safe time. We are remembering the reason we have Easter and celebrating the fact that we have the opportunity for renewal and life.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Good Friday

Yep it has been a good day.

Yesterday I received this

From the super Bekka

Been a coolish day today but this afternoon the girls got to play outside with their bikes and Megan had a spin on her Rollerblades.

So there was some of this

Followed by some of this

I made this page in my Me Today album

and then scrapped this page of Megan

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Easter :)
Thanks for visiting
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