Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Jacking the Jacker

This afternoon I finally had time to play with the October Q-Tea kit, My Highland Fling
I decided that I wanted to play like Lou Nelson plays and decided to Jack the Jacker, Australian that is, and scrap like Lou Nelson does :) I just love her ‘fresh’ approach and am in awe of how she creates
So here is what I made


and some close ups of the Q-Tea goodness!

100_7194 100_7196

When I opened the kit and saw the contents I knew I wanted to used the Jute Trim and some of the Tartan fabric to make a Coffee Cozy
So today I did just that :)


Sadly, ha!, I have no takeaway coffee cup to put it on to show you, so you will just have to imagine
And if it doesn’t fit properly I will just move the button :)

I then used some more of the kit and made this page


Made the paper flower with some book page and atlas page, with a Sassafras Lass brad


Journaling with some Cosmo Cricket “Earth Love” chipboard :)


and some Such Sweet Tierney Buttons :)


Rainy asked how I made the pocket in our Holiday album


So here’s how to make a pocket :)
Cut the paper so you have about 1-2 inches more on 3 sides


Then score an inch in on each of those 3 sides


I use my cutter to score, it makes it really easy because there is an indentation for you to run your scorer along, easy!


I then scored another line along the bottom side, about an inch up from the first line, making it run only to the edges of the other scored lines


I then folded up the sides, at the scored lines


and then folded in the corners so there was a lip on the bottom


This lip makes it easier to hold bulky items in the pocket, so you could, of course, not add this line if you want a flatter pocket or if you wanted an even bulkier pocket add a second score line to the sides and fold these in for lips on the pocket sides.

I thought I would also show you a way of decorating the pocket. I used some Jenni Bowlin buttons, the excess chipboard from the pushed button holes and some foam dots, using the space left from the dots.


I then sprayed over them with Glimmer Mist


added some doodles and viola :)


You then just add some double sided tape/glue to the fold and adhere to your page
I hope all that makes sense :)

And Chris, in answer to your dying the lace with glimmer mist question, yes I soaked it in the glimmer mist. Will take some photos and do a little ‘walk through’ on that one soon too :)

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  1. Allison8:33 PM


  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I just love what you've created using the Qtea kit and I agree I love what Lou Nelson creates.

  3. wow Sharmaine - that is totally a Lou Jack!!!! love it :)

  4. Just love the playful randomness of the first layout (I will check out your Lou Nelson link) and the wonderful abandon of the travel layout - great layering and texture and cool flower. thanks for the info on the pocket and lace.

  5. WOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Lou is totally jack worthy....loveeeeeeeeeeeee her work and loving your jack!!! And those other projects are TRULY GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Love your creations and thanks for the How To's!!!! Wishing you a great day!!! :-)

  7. WOW!!! I just stumbled onto your site for the first time and I am LOVING your style and technique!

  8. I WANT that coffe cozy! I love it! Love the layout too!!

  9. oh so pretty and wonderful. you jacked Lou perfectly! with your own sharmaine twist. the tartan is so lovely and reminds me of school days.

  10. Thank you so much for the directions. I so enjoy looking at what you make! You are a very talented person!

  11. Love it!! thanks for teh walk through and would love a lookie at how you do the lace in teh glimmer mist.

  12. Your crativity never seize to amaze me Sharmaine!!!

  13. Glad to be back reading all my favourite blogs, your layouts are fantastic SDharmaine.

  14. Love your Lou inspired LO! and the tutorial is great too..thanks for sharing :) :)


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