Saturday, March 31, 2007

A quiet day mostly at home

We went out this morning and Dave took us to Donut King. The girls loved it! I call Dave our Donut king so just had to take some photos. Alas I only had my mobile so the photos weren't fantastic but most of them turned out better than I expected, although one went psychedelic and a couple had lines thru them. Hoping to scrap them tonight. Happy to share a coffee with you now though!

Dave kept nagging me (yes I can see his grin when he reads that on Monday morning at work!) to go to the scrap shop. I did and happily helped him realise why I don't like to go. It's too sad how I can never get anything I want! And no I am not joking! It is a huge gripe I have and I am going to shush now before I start ranting about the lack of quality scrap stuff here in Southern Tasmania!!! Yay to Allison stepping out with her kits! LOVE THAT!!

The rest of the day was spent around home. Megan rang just a little while ago, she has been fishing and asked me to bring my camera tomorrow when we pick her up. Glad she is having fun!

Was pleasantly surprised when I opened this afternoon. SOOO MANY VISITORS!!!! And what is very exciting is that, as I write this, 3 other people have completed layouts and so I am about to email Elsie to tell her about the blog and all the people who want to thank her for the wonderful work she does and the inspiration that she is to so many. Here is my layout for the blog and tomorrow I will post the new challenge for April. Looking forward to seeing other's creations!

Dave and Jessica are watching Funniest Home Video. Seems to be a Saturday night routine now and the girls love it, and I hear Dave chuckle from time to time too!!

Thanks to those that have said Hi before they left. Waving Hi back to BJ, wondering where you are from to be so far away??!! And if you haven't said Hi yet... what's stopping you??!!


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Friday, March 30, 2007

Slurp and piddle-pop

Didn't know what to call this post so there you have it!!!
Ok.... Today Dave had a day off so I took advantage of that and stayed for an hour at school and got to listen to some of the kids in Jessica's class do some reading. Looking forward to the day when I can have more time to do school help!
Megan has gone to Mum and Dad's for the weekend. They are heading down to their shack and invited Megan to tag along. No doubt she will have fun although it is meant to be a cold, wet and windy weekend.
If you get a chance head on over to Allison's blog to see 2 photos of some super dooper kids I know ;)
Happy weekend everyone, why not say hi before you leave??
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Phones, paper and pastimes

Have to start with a YAY Dave's home, cos that's how I feel :)
Last night I scrapped (pastime) and I completed the layout today:

For whatever reason my mobile phone wasn't taking incoming calls today, if you rang it would say my mobile was switched off but it wasn't. It had full service and the lovely Telstra lady was no help lol. By mid arvo I had sms's to say I had missed calls so I am assuming whatever the problem was had been fixed but I still haven't had a call to say what the problem was! As long as its working I'm not going to complain too loudly.
So because my mobile wasn't taking incoming calls we stayed close to home and in amongst the daily things I decided to go thru my 'scrap' paper stash. I separated the smaller pieces from the larger pieces. For those that know me it took me a while! I love scraps!! In fact I think I would be happier with scraps than a regular stash of paper!! Love having different papers and using them in different ways. No paper too small for this little chickadee!
So So So glad tomorrow is Friday! This morning I was woken, a little after six, by a four legged, two headed creature called Elizabeth and Lucy. Elizabeth informed me that Lucy's Pooh Bear wasn't working. I informed Miss Elizabeth that she had told me that yesterday morning and he was still in need of batteries so GO BACK TO BED!!!! Roll on weekend ;)
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

was going to be a full post but...

Dave's away for work, up North for the night.
Computer is in need of a VERY long holiday
This is the 4th time I have logged on
Just had to say HI
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There is an artist in everyone

thought I would title this post that just for Grandma!!! lol
Completed my 'The Thank You Blog' layout lastnight, will share that next month, and also completed this layout of Elizabeth with photos taken yesterday:
Today has been full and I thought I took enough photos to share it in pictures but alas I didn't take enough lol so here are just 2. Elizabeth and Lucy had fun chalk drawing this morning in the sunshine. Has been a gloriously sunny day and we enjoyed having the sunshine.
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey Hey Hey

I got to scrap last night with my bestest buddy and newest scrap buddy!! Yep Dave scrapped!!
There was nothing on telly so he suggested I pull out the table and then asked for his paper.
Here is his layout:

And here is mine:

I also started another, for next months challenge at The Thank You Blog, so you will have to stay tuned for that one :)
Not really happy with my scrapping at the moment, it just isn't' doing it for me. But happy to get the photos on paper and the story out of my head! The photos of Jessica were taking June 2004 and I am glad that I could finally have on paper how it happened! Now to find photos of Megan after she scarred her nose when she drove her bike into the wall of the house (and she didn't learn from that because she did it another time too!!).
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

An extra hour to...

sleep.. nah girls were up at 6am which I am thankful wasn't 5!
Did pull out my book and read for half an hour though. Was nice, seeing as I have been reading the same book for ages, couldn't tell you when I started! It only gets read from time to time and in small doses!
The rest of the day was pretty much filled with this:

Crazy chicks!!

Hope it is a wonderful week, seeya :)
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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yes I know I'm not meant to be here but... well the best laid plans and all that... it wasn't to be :)
Dave hasn't been well today, spending ,most of the day in bed, so I opted to stay home instead of going to Allisons to scrap.
So not much to tell of our day. Spent at home, inside cos its cold.
Megan and Jessica have just gone to bed after watching Funniest home video, I thought it funnier watching them watching it but anyhoo!!
Hope its been a might fine and dandy Saturday for you and sorry that I have no layouts to share and no news :)
Catch ya!
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Lunch with my Honey

Had to laugh at Mel D's comment...Nanna nap... in this house??!!I think I would need a handsome prince to come wake me from my slumber if I took any kind of nap let alone a nanna nap! Just as well I have a handsome prince up my sleeve, but yes I sit and sigh at my days too!! I sit... hmm I try to sit... with a coffee...zzzzzzzz
Today we dropped Megan and Jessica off at school, petrol station (I don't like that no one is complaining that prices have gone up again) then headed to the supermarket to get some more watermelon, on instructions from Elizabeth who felt we needed to restock, and some rolls for our lunch. Then we waited (and waited and waited) for the library to open at 9.30. Returned our books and got out some newbies.
Home again, home again jiggity jig.
Refueled our energy levels, made some lunch and headed back out the door. We went to Dave's work and had lunch with him, much to the enjoyment (and entertainment) of his co-workers!
Home again, home again jiggity jog.
Wasn't going to put Lucy to bed but she begged me to do it, no ok it wasn't beg it was more like plead, no ok it wasn't a plea it was more of a OH MY GOSH I AM SO TIRED ALL I CAN DO IS BE CRANKY. Yep I think that is what it was. It worked ;)
Woke her an hour later and when she had finally woken up properly, i'd like to say the sleep helped but sadly it didn't, we hopped in the car again and picked up Megan and Jessica from school.
Home again, home again jiggity jug?? Jeg?? Jag???
Not long after that Dave came home YAY and so it's official IT IS THE WEEKEND!!!! Hip Hip (say it with me people) HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAY!
So now with a coffee, tea, kids in bed and the night ahead of me I feel like a new woman... no I don't... sorry folks don't know where that came from!
So I really do hope you have a truly wonderful weekend, enjoy every moment and think of me tomorrow night, slaving away at Allison's for a pizza and scrap night HEHEHEHE I know it will be tough work but I hope to do you proud and come home with some layouts to showoff :) Ok so I think that's it from this neck of the woods.. why do they say neck of the woods... where is the rest of the woods?? The chin, the waist... the armpit.... ok I AM GOING NOW!!!
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Proud Mum Moments

Yes we have been busy busy busy!!
lets see... Tuesday Megan and Jessica had afterschool sport and loved it.
Wednesday... Allison rang and invited Elizabeth, Lucy and I to a Harmony Day event that Family Day care were running. IT WAS EXCELLENT! The girls and I had lots of fun. There was a jumping castle, painting, dancing, trucks, slides oh just lots and lots to do! and we did!
From Allison's we went out to Mum and Dad's for lunch and then back here to pick up Megan and Jessica from school. Home in time to cook tea and then took Megan to Guides. I did the groceries, dropped them back home and then went and got Megan before we came home to have our tea.

Yesterday Megan and Jessica had their sports carnival at school. I was very proud of their efforts! Megan came 1st in the 50m and 4th in the 100m while Jessica came 2nd in her 50m race. They are both in the Yellow team which won overall. They won last year too which was a huge boost to Megan's confidence, as the team she was in at the old school was always the one with the least points and she always came near last.
Today was meant to be a quieter day at home, yesterday felt like most of the day was spent driving, but it wasn't to be! We went down to Mum and Dad's again to pick up some meat. Spent all morning there and then picked up Jessica from school. Jessica came home with a 'shining star certificate', making another proud mum moment! She received it for her enthusiasm towards reading.

Megan had after school sport and Dave got her on his way home. He also got them tea (I had rang and asked if it was possible cos I am pooped!). So now Dave is at soccer training and I was hoping to scrap but, and I quote straight from my message to Allison on MSN:
"2 lil girls who don't want to sleep,
a computer that doesn't want to work
and 1 lady who just wants time to scrap
and knows that the other 3 are against her
in a bid to not let her have any scrap time!!!!"
Just as well I don't have a 'need' to scrap!! It's 2 hours since I first turned the computer on and half an hour since I started writing and I still haven't uploaded my photos!! These days are sent to test my sanity I'm sure lol Thankful that Lucy went straight to sleep, she is pooped too! She only had a nap in the car the last 2 days so is missing her day sleep. Megan has been in and woken Elizabeth so its already been an interesting time grr :0)
Hope your Friday is a lovely one, for me Im hoping it goes quickly so it's weekend time!!!! Seeya :)
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I scrapped!

Actually able to get 2 layouts done, yippee me!

Megan and Jessica are both staying for after school sport today and Dave is picking them up at 4.30 when they finish. So its a day at home for us. Just sat down with my coffee. Lucy is sleeping and Elizabeth is on the couch, so I thought I would use the opportunity and blog now... so I did!! Seeya
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Well I'm clean how about you??!!

Spent the day cleaning
and cleaning some more.
So now my hands smell of cleaner
Not much else...
Was all set to scrap last night
but couldn't be bothered after getting offline.
So hoping to have a little more enthusiasm tonight
I printed off photos yesterday and am raring to go
if the mind stays willing!!
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

We made volcanoes!

Yep we did!! Megan got a kit for her birthday, thanks Grandma, and so today Dave got it out and we all watched as it bubbled and boiled over!

Julie, thanks for the kind comments the lovely layouts were Allison's not mine, great aren't they, particularly like the one of our wonderful Miss Megan. Wonder who her goodlooking parents are!! So everyone don't forget to go check out Altogether Scrap when you can, VERY COOL!!!
Not much else that I can think of, so hope it is a super dooper week for you all. Thanks for dropping in and would love for you to say hi-de-hi neighbour :)
Ciao for now!
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

socks, scrap sites and some other sods and odds...

Yesterday we went and got Elizabeth 4 new pairs of socks and today it was Megan's turn... Why is it that their feet insist on growing?? why can't they just stay small and baby like?? You know they type, the kissable, edible, sooo soft, soooo cute type of feet that are adorable?????
Hey want to be part of something big, wonderful and gosh soooo good??
Check out the launch of Altogether Scrap
I am so proud of Allison for taking the steps to start this new adventure and thankful that she has a wonderful supportive husband and family to get behind the idea and just run with it!!! I wish them all well in this new journey and look forward to seeing it flourish!!! All the best Allison :)
Hummmmm what else...
Not much really lol just hangin' out with Dave and the girls, enjoying the weekend and wishing it wasn't over soooooo quickly!!!
Hope your weekend is super dooper wonderful and thanks for dropping in, hope to see you again soon :)
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oh for the love of Friday

and not even Friday... just a part of it... that part that means the working week is over and the weekend has started... that moment is the reason I truly love Fridays!
Megan enjoyed Guides/brownies or whatever it is called now because I'm confused lol
She stayed by herself, which was nice, so I went and did the grocery shopping. Only had to wait 15 mins or so before she finished so used that time to read a scrapping magazine. Resourceful ain't I??!!
Today was a lovely day outside, they said on the weather it got to 28 but it didn't feel quite that hot when we were outside. I weeded some of the garden while Lucy and Elizabeth amused themselves on the mini tramp I pulled out of the garage.
This afternoon Megan had after school sport so Dave picked her up at 4.30 when that finished. She loved it! They played soccer and her team won, I think that might have helped the 'like' factor!!
My happy snaps from today

It made me happy to be invited to a tea party today! I was given chocolate and egg... lovely combination when it's pretend :)

It made me happy to be able to talk to Dave via email this morning. For whatever reason I have missed him lots today, don't like that feeling, which is silly seeing as he was only at work!!

It made me happy to be able to take photos today. I love it when I can capture 'moments' and it makes me happy when the 'subject' complies.

Don't forget to check out Allison's blog, her secret isn't too far away from being revealed AND it is sounding JUST BRILLIANT!!!!!!
* Mel the title on the layout were stickers, hand-me-downs from Allison which were David Walker from Creative Imagination.
* Dave I love you and don't mind sharing that fact even if it means showing of your attire :P LOVE YOU
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An early post

because I don't know if I will be online tonight or not. We had an early lunch, some cranky girls in need of it, and now Lucy is in bed and Elizabeth is resting on the couch, so I am not wasting the opportunity!! Although my computer thinks differently! It just froze so I had to start over!! Grrr
Anyway, my happy snaps for today:

I had to laugh when I visited Mel's blog just now. She had a photo of her clothes line too!! Who knew! Anyway it makes me happy to see my washing on the line. It doesn't always make it out, depends on the weather, time and kids. I do the washing everyday and am so thankful that I always have enough pegs to hang everything out.

It makes me happy that my kids love fresh fruit as much as I do! I swear I could live on it and be happy!!! This photo of Elizabeth makes me happy because I love that she loves food and slurping watermelon has to be a top ranking pure joy in my book!!

It has made me happy to have lots and lots of cuddles today. I tried to take this one of Lucy on my knee but it's not quite the result I was looking for but once the camera came out there was no way she was staying on my lap, cuddles or not!

I finished off the journaling today for this layout that I started lastnight while Dave was at soccer training. Not 100% happy with it but just had to scrap about Megan's love of reading and how she has always loved books. So the journaling is about how she used to love being read to as a baby, how going to school was a treat (ALL THOSE BOOKS!), and now she is thriving in her home reading and just loves to read.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Maybe 4 is more happiness than 3???

Do ya think??? As a Mum of 4 I should be paid to say that lol. Anyway, yesterday's post was my 400th so I will share 4 photos of things that made me happy today (sorry no happy colour photos).

Having my girls back home makes me VERY HAPPY!!! I miss them so much when they aren't here. So these 4 girls make me oh so happy!

It made me happy that Jessica made this lovely note for me while at MaShir and Poppy's house. Love it! She even made the picture into a pocket so I could put something in it!

It makes me happy to see Dave play with the girls. He was standing up one end of the hallway and as they ran around he would 'try' to get them. It was nice to hear them laughing as the ran away.

and it makes me happy to hear my girls read. I think reading is not just important but a pure joy! I love reading and miss having time to do it everyday, so I love hearing them read and I love reading to them.
Well that's it for my 401st post. Back to school for Megan and Jessica tomorrow. Taking Megan to Guides tomorrow night, to see if she wants to go. Dave's at soccer training tonight so my belly is grumbling while it waits for tea. Night :)
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy things come in threes???

I have 3 lots of 3 photos to share so there has to be some happiness in there doesn't there??!!
But first whats been happening here??
Yesterday we went and collected Mum and Dad and then went down to where Dad grew up. We went to scatter some of Uncle Allan's ashes. He died in October on Bathurst Island and Dad brought back half of his ashes for my cousin. So we met up with Dad's siblings and some of their families before going back to my cousins for a bbq tea. What I love about Dad's family is there is always laughter and lots of good food.
Afterwards we went back to Mum and Dad's and left the girls there for their 'holiday'. Today Dave and I went in to town, had a walk around and in no particular order we: went to Subway for a $1.50 breakfast roll (and for $1.50 it was yum!), had an ice chocolate at Hudson's, bought a few bits at Spotlight, who had a 20% off sale for today only, went to 2 bookshops (one of my favorite places to shop/browse/drool!) bought 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl to read to the girls and that was about it as not much was open with the public holiday. We were home by lunchtime and I spent the afternoon scrapping while Dave played on his computer and the Nintendo.
Ok on to Mel's happy snap challenge:

Picnic bars make me happy and Dave bought us one each today so I was very happy!

I love seeing 2 cups of coffee. It makes me happy to sit and have a coffee with Dave and that is what we did today! Mine is black and 2 if you ever feel like making me one :)

Scrapping makes me happy and this afternoon I completed 3 layouts so that made me very happy. Having the trestle table set up in the side of the lounge room, having things sprawled out on the couch and just being able scrap makes me happy. Dave took this photo and that makes me happy too!

Now my happy colour challenge. I went to do this the other day but my camera battery died so here we go with ORANGE.

Dave gave me this 'My Little Pony' a couple of Christmas's ago. He kept asking what I wanted for Christmas and I always replied 'A pony' so he surprised me with this lovely orange one. The following year I gave him a similar one. It makes me happy to see it. Now when he asks what I want for Christmas I say a green elephant.. still waiting for that one :)

My Orange buttons make me happy. So happy that I bought 2 containers, full of buttons, at the craft shop, just to have the orange ones!!

Yeah I know the photo isn't orange but my carrots do make me happy! It makes me happy that the girls love to eat them freshly pulled from the garden. Now that's how gardens should be!

Now on the the third lot of photos. I completed these 3 layouts this arvo, 2 of Jessica and 1 of Megan

Yes more handcut felt flowers :)

Yes more doodling :)

Yes more buttons :)

Tomorrow I have to pick up the girls, Megan and Jessica have a student free day. Dave is also going to soccer training tomorrow night, his first for the season. So it's already shaping up to be another full day. Hope your Monday has been ok and a lovely start to a nice week. If you get the chance go check out Allison's blog, the link is on the side of my blog. She is revealing a big secret, a little every day, and I am looking forward to hearing all about it!
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Au Reservoir

Keeping the French theme going and we just watched 'Robots'...
A slow but busy day today. We pruned the nectarine and peacharine trees today, they are now looking VERY hacked and more like stumps! So we are hoping it hasn't jepordised our chances of fruit next year!! Dave had 2 trips to the tip and while he was gone the first time I took the girls to 'the grassy spot' for a run around.
Ok, on to my happy photos for today:

Makes me happy watching Dave cook with the girls. Grandma you will be happy to know they 'cooked' lime parfait and Jessica was first finished and ready for more!!

My bed is going to make me very happy later on cos I am more than a little tired today!!

I felt very happy watching the girls enjoy 'Robots' before bed tonight. Love it when they can sit, doesn't happen often, and watch something start to finish! Was almost the quietiest it has been all day!!

I didn't get to do my happy colour photos today but this photo, taken today, of Lucy, makes me happy :)
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Friday, March 09, 2007


No its not a spelling mistake, just wanting to feel ummm French??!!!
Ok so more of Miss Melly's Happy Challenge:

YES FRIDAY'S MAKE ME SOOOOO VERY HAPPY!!! Anything that signifies that Dave will be spending more time at home (ie with Me) makes me happy!!!

Our back door step. It makes me happy to sit there in the sunshine. I sit and watch the girls play or read. I think I would love life as a cat!

I love dirty plates, why I hear you ask??!! Well, it means that what I cooked was eaten and enjoyed! Tonight was no exception a very yummy chicken korma curry with noodles and veg.

Ok so taking Mel's challenge with my add on I picked blue for today's colour (and am thinking why did I set myself such a hard challenge cos it is hard!!).

I love this necklace and earring set Dave bought me while we were in Melbourne, my bling!! I haven't worn them yet, occasion and attire needed, but I love love love it and it makes me happy because its another sign that I am loved and someone has faith in me looking nice!

Blue sky makes me happy because it means dry washing (hopefully), kids playing outside and everything just feels so much nicer, why is that?? I mean I like grey but oh blue just does it!!

Daves work shirts, although some are white, make me happy. Makes me happy that he wants to go to work, enjoys what he does and that he does it to make us happy. I love the smell of them, I love that Dave irons them, I love the way Dave looks in them and I love when they aren't on Dave because work is over for the day! He was home by the time we got back from school again today and that makes me happy too!

So now you see how easy it is to find things to make you happy I challenge you to take on Mel's challenge and find 3 things, each day, that make YOU happy!!
Today Allison came to visit with 4 of her Day Care kids. Was lovely to have them all over to play and I know Elizabeth and Lucy loved having them all here.
Have to share this photo of the sunroom, see yesterday's post for the before photo. Allison told me to share, so I will *g*

It really isn't that messy in comparison to the usual state it gets left in, but it makes me happy to see it played in and the toys appreciated. Thanks for being part of the mess Allison :)
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Thursday, March 08, 2007


is made of, as I take up Mel's challenge to find things that make me happy everyday...

My Mobile makes me happy because it means I can talk to Dave everyday and happiness has to start in the heart!

My Jug makes me happy because I LOOOOVE coffee!

And having a clean(ish) sunroom makes me happy! Knowing that the girls have somewhere to play makes me happy.

I took the challenge one step further. I love green (shhh don't tell the other colours because I do love them equally!) and so took some photos of green things that make me happy.

Green tomatoes make me happy, knowing that soon they will be red and yummy

My big tub of mint makes me happy, love the smell, the taste and how it is super easy to grow!

Iced green tea, a new thing for me, love that it doesn't taste like tea!!

I love apple everything, smell and taste. This gets sprayed when a dirty nappy has been changed. So it makes me happy because of it's smell but also for the fact it means that someone has good bowels and that's got to be a good thing!!right?? doesn't it??!!
Yes I know that last one is a little out there but it does make me happy!!
Today Elizabeth, Lucy and I made some rice muffins, had lots of left over rice so experimented and the results weren't too bad at all!!!
We also stayed for assembly at school this morning. We got to watch Jessica be a pig in her class performance and Megan introduce a painting. Was nice even though we didn't stay for the whole assembly.
Received a lovely pack from Mel today, was for sharing a recipe with her. Had some lovely ribbons, chipboard flowers and some rubons. THANKS MEL :)
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