Thursday, June 29, 2006

More letters to his name!

Yay to Dave, he is now a Chartered Member of Engineers. Well done Dave :) Now to complete his Masters thru the Uni in Brisbane... slow going that one!
This morning Elizabeth, Lucy and I stayed to help out in Megan's class. I think they enjoyed it :)
On Wednesday I have to go to Howrah Primary. Our school is starting a Literacy Tutor Program and I have put my name down to help out. So we have a training session on Wednesday. Elizabeth and Lucy get to come to that too. Won't be back to get Jessica but the teacher heading up the team organised for Jessica to go into Megan's class after Kinder. So I am sure Jessica will love that!! Bet she even asks to stay more often!!
Not much else to report... Mum and Dad will be having their first night on the mainland... not sure where, up near the NSW border I would think. They are heading to Mum's brother's place, they moved earlier this year, I can't think what the place is called, but she hadn't rang them so who knows what will happen!!
Well Dave's at soccer training and I am planning on scrapping a tall tin to put my pens and pencils in. Hoping it inspires me to do a layout... have many in my head waiting to be regurgitated on to paper ;)
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where has this Wednesday gone??

I know I woke up this morning, because it was a task to do so!, and I know I have been busy all day, noone is complaining of being cold, hungry or unloved, but I just don't know where the day has gone!!
Other than the usual stuff Jessica, Elizabeth and I played snakes and ladders, dress ups and they did some colour ins too. Felt like we just got home from picking up Megan and it was bedtime... Whoosh and the day was gone.
Dave has his interview tomorrow morning. He has been on a 3 year graduate program at work and thru that he has completed his CPEng (Chartered Practicing Engineer) and has his interview tomorrow to see if they think he can be accredited with this. The interview consists of 3 people who ask various questions about what he has learnt, hopefully based on the assignments he has completed, and he has to give a 15 minute talk. So all being well they will ask the right questions and be happy with what he has to say :)
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We made it

too see the soccer and to get the grocerys!!
Dave and I were up at 1am to see the soccer. Poor Aussies but what a fight we put up! Well done to 'em all!
We had a busy day, the washing sat in the wash basket till after lunch cos I just didn't get back to it once it was out of the washer. From school Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to the supermarket and got the milk, fruit and veg we needed. Came home to unpack and have morning tea. Then out again to the library. Elizabeth was a crack up at storytime. Phillip, the storyteller, was reading a book "even if we have no hair thats ok" he read. He then went on saying "if we have curly hair thats ok too" Elizabeth SHOUTS out "I have curly hair... I love surly hair". Ok you had to be there type of moment but she just makes me laugh at how she just up and says stuff.
Mum and Dad called in this afternoon too. Took a photo of Dad and Elizabeth (have a layout in mind and needed a photo). This is the cheeky photo!
I pulled my scrap stuff out last night and looked at it all in bewilderment... Allison and I were talking, not long ago, about how you sometimes just seem to loose your confidence in being able to scrap... thats how I've been feeling. Its not like you compare yourself to anyone and you know that what ever you end up doing will look great, its just that things just don't seem to meld together and it takes a lot more effort to start something. But once you do find that groove again your off and loving it. So I'm hoping that when I do find time to sit and drag things out again that it will all come together so I get something done... make any sense? Or only to me lol
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Monday, June 26, 2006

A bit bleary eyed

Dave and I got up at 5.30am to watch Holland's dismal defeat in the World Cup. By 6.15 all the girls were awake and by 6.30 they were all up :) Hoping for an early night so we can be up again at 1am to watch Australia v Italy... just as well it doesn't happen often lol
Not much else to reprt. Usual Monday of washing and vacuuming between the school thing. Back to typical Tuesday tomorrow too (seems such a long time since one of those happened!) filled with school pickups and Library storytime oh and have to throw in a visit to the fruit and veg and somewhere to get milk... did you get that brain?? Start remembering please!
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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Been busy but i'm back!

Well... hello, miss me??? Yeah I know it wasn't that long since I wrote but soooo much seems to have happened!!Friday Dave didn't go to work (what a slack week he has had, workwise anyway lol) because they didn't have any power in their building, I think that is hilarious a power company that can't work because they don't have power hehehe. The day started very early anyway! Lucy woke at 5am so we got up and watched the Soccer. All the girls were up by the end, although not fully focused on the telly, it was nice to know they could say they were watching when we won!Dave spent the morning with the 3 younger ones while I ventured to school with Megan and did a couple hours of parent help. It was a good time which hopefully helped them lol. After school I picked Megan up and we went to get a birthday present for birthday party Megan was going to a little later. Came home, Megan got changed then we all piled into the van and took Megan to Hungry Jacks for the party. We bought chips from the corner store for our tea at home. I picked Megan up when it was finished and then Megan and I went to check out the stocktake sale that was going on at the local scrap shop. Megan loved browsing (and fiddling) and wanted to buy everything so she could use it!! I also finished my Lucy layout.Yesterday, saturday, we had a lazy morning before taking Dave to soccer and heading to Mum and Dads. Mum and Dad leave on Wednesday. Taking the boat over to the mainland, heading up to Queensland before on over to stay in Katherine with Loretta and Makalya. Dad will be gone for about 2 months while Mum is looking at possibly 6. They will be missed (Elizabeth was saying she missed them while we were there!).We called in to say hi to Allison before getting Dave. She asked if I wanted to go to the scrap/pizza night they were having at the shop in town. I did and it was fun and constructive!! I started and finished a layout while I was there, even with the hour or so sitting and pondering that I do!!Today we went to Big W, I was hoping to print some photos but their lab was out of action till midweek. We also wanted to get Megan a jumper for around home and Dave some socks. Although Dave got his socks Megan didn't come home with a jumper. Big W had skirts on sale so Jessica got one, Megan got 2 and 2 t-shirts and Elizabeth a pair of socks.Blogger isn't letting me add photos again so I will add them with the other program, so they will be below. Happy viewing!
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Layout of Lucy. Is about how she didn't like vegimite while she was sick. Loved strawberry Jam! Posted by Picasa
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Layout of Dave and Megan at Grandmas (Ballarat 2001). this is the layout I completed at the scrap night Posted by Picasa
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Elizabeth's Frog socks Posted by Picasa
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Megan with new skirt and t-shirt Posted by Picasa
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Print of skirt Posted by Picasa
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Jessica in her new skirt Posted by Picasa
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Megan modelling skirt and t-shirt #2 Posted by Picasa
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Print from black skirt Posted by Picasa
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Strike 3 and I was out!

Yep I got the belly bug too! 3am Tuesday morning, Jessica woke us with her cough. Both Dave and I jumped out of bed, turned out to be nothing, but as I got back in to bed I had the hot sweats and knew something wasn't right!!
So Dave took Tuesday off (LOVE YOU!) so he could run Megan and Jessica to/from school and look after Elizabeth and Lucy. I spent most of the day in bed trying to sleep, but I was freezing all the time so sleep was hard to come by. Wednesday I felt a little better but still not 100% so Dave dropped the girls off at school and stayed home after getting Jessica at lunchtime.
Yesterday was Dave's 29th birthday and we had my Mum and Dad here for tea. Dave went and bought KFC (played it safe for me!). It was a yum tea and it stayed in!! For his birthday Dave was given some new Goal keeping gloves (from us), Jackie Chan DVDs, Money and some yummo soccer ball shaped chocolates (from his Mum), some money (from his Grandparents) and a book about the SoccerRoos coach and a packet of Black Forest Tim Tams (from my parents). Nice little stash!!!
Today has been the usual run around with grocery shopping thrown in. My stomach didn't like the busy morning and let me know :( Dave's at soccer training and I'm hoping to feel enthused enough to do some more on a layout I started Monday night when I wasn't crook.
Hoping to be up early in the morning too. Australia and Croatia are playing the last game for this round. Will be a very interesting game to watch!
Will leave you with this photo. Was taken by Dave while I was in bed on Tuesday, evidence of what he got up to with Elizabeth and Lucy!!! Yep its a building made from videos! Seems I missed all the fun lol
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Layout of Jessica "what you like & what you don't" Posted by Picasa
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Still no photos

so have added them thru the other program.
I finished a layout of Jessica last night. Was my second double page spread and the first one for me to cut up the middle! Huge step! Very pleased with it!!
Today we were going to head down and see the people we were going to visit on Friday, but we changed our plans again. Lucy has been much better today and, so far, tonight is sleeping.
Dad called in to give us a table. He found it, had chunky YUCK laminate on top. He stripped it and it has come up a treat. Is nice and bigger than our other one, more leg room which Dave is going to appreciate!!!
Was a student free day today so its back to school tomorrow for the start of term 2... roll on September holidays :)
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Mother's Day present in bloom Posted by Picasa
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Daddy and his helpers Posted by Picasa
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

twice the post!

Rolling back the clock to yesterday... had almost finished my breakfast, last mouthful of toast about to go in the gob (yeah ladylike I know lol). When I felt really ill. Went back to bed and ended up sleeping for an hour. Then got up and took Megan and Jessica to Woolworths. They have been waiting to spend their birthday money and buy an 'Eggflip'. It's a soft toy, shaped like an egg, that you turn inside out to reveal a chicken (the inside of the toy). They are all scented differently and a current craze. They are only $5-$6 but quickly sell out and have been on backorder for ages. Anyway, they still didn't have any at the shops so I said they could buy something else. Jessica went straight for a ballet barbie while Megan got a stuffed dog that came with his own slippers and eye mask... I also bought Elizabeth and Lucy a toy each, Sesame St characters Zoe for E and Elmo for L. So they were all happy :)
Came home, ate lunch and then packed their bags for a night at Mum and Dads. Dropped them off and then came back out here to the showgrounds for Dave's soccer game. Yes, they have 3 pitches marked out for soccer on the showground, WHO'D HAVE THOUGHT!!!
I dropped Dave off and headed in to Scrapilicious. Mel was in at the shop so I had a little natter to her while drooling over the stock... no not really I held it in!! But bought some lovely things which I started using last night.
Went back and watched Dave's game, which they sadly lost 2-0. Home then so Dave could have a bath and then we went and got some pizza/pasta for tea. The rest of the night Dave watched the world cup while I scrapped. We went to bed around midnight and I went straight to sleep and slept till 1/4 to 9 when Dave got up!!!!!!!!! Didn't wake once! I could hear Dave making coffe and then he called out "i'll be back in a minute".... The lovely man had hopped in the car, gone down to Maccas and came back with hotcakes and a sausage and egg mcmuffin!! Love 'im!!
After that we went to get the girls, who were mega tired, and came home for some general muckin' about. Dave, and his helpers, cooked a passionfruit meringue for pudding
And I also wanted to share this photo. Jessica gave me this for mother's day (made at school) it finally has a flower on it and that opened for the first time today.
and oops poor Lucy lost her tea, so as I write this, 7.14pm, we have just put her back in a clean bed :( again I hope that she's soon over this.
Oh and while I remember I GOT ME A WHITE PEN!! I've been wanting one for a while, couldn't find one anywhere, so today Dave and I called into Office works (yay they now have flybuys!!) and after much browsing we found a pack of pens with purple, silver AND white!! YAY! Can't wait to use it in my scrapbooking!!!
PS Will have to add photos later, blogger isn't adding them after uploading grrr
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Friday, June 16, 2006

More spews, some poos and I love yous

Yep Lucy didn't stop at one! Was around midnight when Lucy, my helpers Elizabeth and Megan, and myself got to go to bed :) At one stage, as I was showering Lucy, all the girls were awake and ummm too active!!! So today's plans were altered and just as well because when I got Lucy up she had a dirt nappy that had 'spilled' all the way up her front.
Dave was home before lunch time (LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!) and Lucy was sick for him again in the afternoon, while I was at the fruit n veg shop.
So we are now hoping for a more quiet night with all of them sleeping more!!!
And Dave has asked me to mention that the tin I scrapped is a sweet tin not a cake tin... he said the photo is deceptive and he thought it was a cake tin... I wonder how many drawing pins I could put in a cake tin??!! I wonder if he would get upset if I scrap a pink cake tin for him to take his cake to work in??!! No doubt I will find out ;)
Night all
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

a postscript of sorts

Was it really only a few hours ago I blogged!!Well around 7pm, just as I was getting offline, Lucy vomitted in bed, ick, I think it was a one off, as she was fine afterwards, but it might change our day tomorrow if she has a belly bug. So we play the waiting game :)
Also I started and finished my drawing pin tin, very happy with it. So now I have done one... look out!! Not bad for my 2nd off the page project :) Photo is a little blurry BUT I MADE THIS!!!
Well I have brushed my teeth and am heading off to bed, thought I would just share my last few hours :)
Sweet dreams and here's hoping I get to sleep all the way thru till morning!
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Cleaning, chatting and coffee

just added the coffee part to the title just so I remember to make myself one!!!
Spent the morning with the vacuum, went around the house till I got to Megan and Jessica's rooms. Jessica just had to pick up toys and books while Megans was a regular tip site!! So by lunchtime they were all packed up but I didn't get back to the cleaning until just before tea.
Bron rang as I was getting lunch, Lucy was already in bed by then (she slept for 3 hours today!!). She came over for the afternoon, which was EXTREMELY NICE!! so we spent the afternoon trying to natter, while the girls tried to divert attention!! It was really good to see her and it was just the right day for her to visit, being that we were home all day and it was going to be a long day with Dave away.
Hoping to scrap my first tin tonight, need something to put drawing pins in, so we will see if that comes together as easy as it seems in my head!!!!
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's all a matter of opinion...

The puppet show today was ummmm entertaining for the kids but made me think I could have done it soooo much better! The guy relied on music videos, projected onto the wall, dubbed music, old puppets and his poor puppet voices. He kept calling his Bert puppet Ernie (and gave him the voice of Ernie). Yeah I know that the girls loved it but it was disappointing, I was looking forward to a 'real' puppet show! Anyway :) Allison didn't end up coming today, so I bared it all on my own lol!
Both Dave and Megan were at the Drs today. Dave has a lump on the back of his neck, its been there awhile and he finally got it checked out. Is just a cyst, thankfully, and to be left. I made an appointment for Megan today too. She was awake thru the night a few times, complaining of belly aches, so I just wanted it checked. Dr said she just has a gastro bug, so it was an all clear from there too. Megan ate most of her tea tonight, first time since Saturday, so hoping she sleeps thru tonight. All the girls were awake last night at some stage, so it was a long night and tiring after the late night the night before!!
Dave's in Launceston tomorrow night, is leaving for Smithton tomorrow before 7am. Friday we are heading down to Kingston to see Pip, the girls old day carer, and then to Allisons. Hoping both tomorrow and Friday go quickly :)
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Library, layout and late night!!

Dave and I stayed up to watch Australia in the World Cup last night. Was great to watch but the 1am bedtime doesn't quite work well with me, however my cold is much better today, go figure!
I finished a layout before halftime though! I have given up, for now, on the layout that was stumping me and moved on to this one. It came together nicely. I had the title, "4 whom I adore", already to go, love the title, and fiddled for a while before finishing it. The quote on the side says:
"Live today fully and you create a lifetime of meaningful memories" - Sophia Bedford-Pierce
The photo was one that I had fiddled around with and used the "colour-in" option in the Kodak Easyshare program. Didn't know how I would ever scrap the photo, but I needed one of all 4 girls and am glad I used this one!
Today we went to the supermarket, had morning tea in the car,paid Dave's car rego and then went to the library for storytime and craft. The girls made more puppets which will be used over and over!
Megan is still not quite back to normal. She is still off her food, but eating some, and because of that is happy to lounge the day away. Tomorrow we are back at the library for a puppet show, which Allison is hoping to bring her kids to, so it will be another day out and about.
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Sick kids, soccer and silence

We went to Mum and Dads for lunch yesterday and the girls stayed there for the night. From there we went to check out the new Big W and shopping complex at Kingston. Cripes it's wizz bang! Got Megan some track daks and a pair of Jeans, from Big W. Then we came home, had a coffee and a nuggle on the couch. We then went off to find something for tea. Ended up at Vanidols. Was quite yummy, even with my cold. We had a entree platter to start and then we had entree size mains, Dave had Teriyaki chicken while I had quail and then we had a gelati as we walked, shivering, back to the car. Was very cold yeterday/last night, with snow on the mountain.
Got home and while Dave was talking to his Mum, Dad rang and left a message. Poor Megan had been sick :( So I rang and talked to her for a little while. We were in bed before 9.30 but I was awake again before midnight, so I coaxed Dave out of bed and we sat on the couch, under the doona and watched the World Cup. I think Dave was pleased to see the soccer and seeing Holland win :) We will see if we make it to tonights game Australia v Japan!!
Today we went and got the girls, via Allison's so I could return the textas I had borrowed (THANKS AGAIN ALLISON!), and bought Maccas, on the way home, for lunch, Megan spent most of the day in bed, nuggled in a chair or complaining about not feeling well. She didn't eat her lunch, just to show she isn't well!! The rest of the day was filled with general mucking about, Lucy playing with her blocks and truck and Daddy having a pillow fight with Jessica and Elizabeth.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I don't like colds :(

Not much more to add to that!! I've been tired all day and its a day that has dragged. At 10am I said "I can't believe its only 3 hours since the girls woke up"... half hour later I said "I can't believe its only half an hour since I said I can't believe its only 3 hours since the girls got up"... hopefully you know that type of day, well not to well I hope!!
I didn't get any scrapping done last night, felt BLERK and the sewing machine decided to chew the cotton again so I didn't get anything done on that layout. Is fraustrating, as I have in my head how it the layouts will look, having things not work so I can't get it out of my head! Oh well I now have another layout started and have 2 tins waiting to scrap so I have plenty to do!
Dave put up my pin board today. I attatched a white board bit, pulled apart a broken one, and am happy to have it all together. One of the tins I have there to scrap is for the drawing pins.
The girls and I watched Babe 2 while Dave was soccering (1-1 was the score) and I am off soon to soak in the bath before watching The Bill and going to bed.
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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sunny Friday

This morning we went to visit Kanina. She was also looking after 2 of Amanda's kids so the ages of the 8 were pretty much 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0!! I was impressed :) The girls enjoyed their time, as did I. Was a beautiful sunny winters day so it was nice to be outside and enjoying the sunrays!!
We left from there to Dave's work. He had been and got some chips so we all enjoyed those in the cafeteria area. Home after that and Dave wasn't far behind, starting the long weekend early YAY.
When getting in to bed last night my throat started to hurt and over night and today has been much the same. So I have the starts of another cold :( Had to match the girls I spose ;)
Started a layout last night too. I am still debating which photo to use, but have done the fiddly stuff, so it should come together quickly when I have made that decision.
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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Its all about you XX

DAVE ironed the girls bags for them last night, so now we just have to sew the straps on.
The girls played online this morning, at the Charlie and Lola site. Jessica played on my computer while Megan on DAVE'S.
This afternoon Megan had her circus workshop. She was shown how to juggle, use poi's and spin plates. We were happily surprised to see DAVE show up before the end. So we then went to the bank to get some money for DAVE'S car rego bill.
DAVE is now, probably freezing, at soccer training.
LOVE YOU DAVE I think I remembered to mention you this time, at least once!!
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No hump day here!

Has been a busy day, no time for sitting back wondering what to do :)
Jessica was given some calico bags and fabric textas for her birthday so today Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth decorated one each. They had lots of fun.
We also had a surprise phone call and visit from Siska. She was 'home' from WA for her Mum's 80th birthday and it was really wonderful to see her. The girls gave her, the usual, performance, of princesses and songs, and I enjoyed catching up with the Hocking's goings on. Was really nice.
Megan is off to a circus workshop tomorrow, the Library are running it as part of their school holiday program. Megan is looking forward to learning some clown acts ;)
Took this photo of Lucy today. She loves carrying the stool everywhere and today found she could turn it over and sit in it! She loved it, until I found her and then she pretended to sook. Very cute though!
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Not stir crazy...

Just the plain old variety... CRAZY!
We went to the library for storytime today. As part of their school holiday program they also included craft. So the girls lapped that up!! We came home with butterflies, birds, humpty, his wall and some stars. They used these to give us a puppet show, tonight before bed. It was umm entertaining ;) Between each 'act' Elizabeth kept popping her head up, from behind the couch, with her butterfly and saying something before disappearing in a fit of laughter. Jessica would then say something equally inaudible and silly and between all that they were pulling each other's pants down each time one of them stood up.... Can see more of Dave in them everyday!!! hehehe *ouch*!!
Biggest frost, so far, this morning. Most of the houses had white tiles instead of brown. brrr
Last night I completed another layout. This time of Lucy in the bath. I caught Dave putting Megan's goggles on her while the other 3 were still finishing tea. It was too cute not to snap and the photo is a beauty! Its the quickest layout I have done to date, but that would be because I 'scraplifted' my layout of Elizabeth that I did just a little while ago. Made it easy to complete and scrapping the photos makes it a little more interesting than just reading about the photo on the back :) Now to complete all my photos in such a quick time... don't see it happening, love the individuality of each layout too much!
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Monday, June 05, 2006

I didn't hear "I'm bored" once today!

I think that is a huge achievement! Allison rang this morning and dragged her troops over hear for the morning. Megan loved entertaining them all and I was happy to let her :)
After lunch Allison took her kids home and while Lucy slept the other 3 watched Little Mermaid 2.
This afternoon we walked to a park, which was on Dave's way home. He picked up Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth, while I pushed Lucy home again. Was very VERY cold! Our 2nd frost this morning and its meant to be colder tonight.
Last night I started AND finished a layout of Jessica's 5th birthday. I am really happy to have completed it as it means I won't have to think about scrapping any of her b'day photos again!! Filled the page with the going ons of the day and Megan and Jessica both said it looks beautiful so, got to be happy with that!!
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

A some what quieter day

although Lucy has sooked most of the day, not quite sure why, it has been a slower paced day than yesterday. We had pizza for lunch (we were going to have it last night, as the requested birthday tea, but the girls were too full) and watched Shrek 2 in the arvo.
We also swapped Jessica's clothes over to size 6, which meant going thru Megan's wardrobe/drawers (A HUGE CHORE), and also packed up the size 3 dresses that were in Jessica's wardrobe.
I put the ink/paper, that I got for Mothers day, into the printer this arvo and have printed off some photos to scrap. Been ages since I did and I have MANY layouts in my head that I am looking forward to starting something!!
Also happy anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa for today, hope you do get to go out for tea, congrats to Grandpa on starting the new job yesterday and the 2nd job offer and happy birthday to Allison's Dale for yesterday.
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Saturday, June 03, 2006

I have a 5 year old!!

Jessica had a lovely, fun filled and belly aching day :) I will let the photos tell you all about it :)

The Cake
The lovely jumper Joe and Anna gave Jessica

Megan, Jessica and (especially) Elizabeth ate a little too much food. Jessica told me she didn't want to eat any more (it didn't last long)

Blowing out candles

Cutting the cake

Thankyou to all who helped to make this day an extra special one for a wonderful 5 year old. She has enjoyed being 5 so far!
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Friday, June 02, 2006

Woo Hoo its school holidays!!

Megan has informed me that she will give me a holiday and wants to sleep in every morning! I don't think the others will help her in her mission but its a nice thought!
Jessica, Elizabeth, Lucy and I went to MOPS this morning. Was a nice time, small group but lots of chatting :)
Had an email waiting to say that 60 Minutes are showing a story about Epidermoloysis Bullosa this week. This is the genetic skin condition that Megan has so we will be looking forward to seeing what the story is about and very thankful for any media on the subject! So watch it, if you can. Found the blurb about the story
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

A quick up-to-dater

The cupcakes were yummy, so I was told. They didn't rise very well but I soon fixed that. I had been browsing other blogs and saw on Jen Hall's blog the lovely cupcakes Fiona Carter had made for Jen's party and decorated Jessica's likewise. Am hoping to use the same idea for her birthday cake on Saturday.
Last night I went to a meeting at school, they announced the new acting-principal for the next 8 weeks. They are still waiting to hear if the Principal will be returning from long service leave or not. They also told us about different changes they would be implementing etc starting next term.
Today we joined the kindys and preps for their walk around Tolosa Dam and got to see Megan after her part of the walkathon to the park from school. Was nice to have time with them both :) They are all pretty tuckered out now though so VERY glad tomorrow is Friday and even more excited that its the last day of the term!!
Dave isn't soccer training tonight, can't blame him it is cold and drizzly outside, so its nice to have a quiet night with him :)
Leave you with this photo of Lucy that I took yesterday. We had our first frost of the year and it was VERY cold. I rugged the girls up to take them to school and Lucy looked just like a jellybean, well I thought so :)
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