Monday, April 30, 2007

Not-much-to-tell type of Monday

which is good I 'spose!!
Did some home reading at school this morning, library after morning tea so YAY we have new books and pretty much is all we did apart from the usual school runs. Has been an overcast, Autumn showery type of day.
New challenge on THE THANK YOU BLOG tomorrow so will post my layout for that tomorrow too.
Hope your Monday has been a nice one too, with a little more happening than here *g*
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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A cultural experience

Well, we had a lovely time at the Opera. Couldn't hear one fella over the orchestra but other than that it was great! Tea was yum too :)

Dave played soccer yesterday arvo, lost 2-3, and I decided to scrap. Is a layout I have been wanting to do for a long, long time. So I set myself up. Stable table on the clothes horse, so I could work standing up. Impressed with the layout and it took me less than half an hour.

Today we went out shopping, got Elizabeth's birthday present and a few odds and ends to put away for Christmas. Took the girls to Macca's for lunch, which might prove to be a bad thing seeing as Elizabeth has requested KFC for her Birthday tea.
Enjoy your new week and thanks for visiting :)
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Saturday, April 28, 2007

An early post :)

Am off with Mum here tonight to see Madame Butterfly. Looking forward to it even though I a still feeling ick. Its the first time that I can remember going anywhere with just Mum and we are going to have dinner before hand so another first :)
Ok to the 'run over' story.
I was 7, we were having a teddy bears picnic at school so I had my as-big-as-me panda. I always walked to school by myself and this day there was a boy across the street, walking to school too, so I thought I would cross to show him. So long story short major road and I stepped out in front of a car, it had turned from a street just below so I hadn't seen it, I had done the right thing and looked etc, my right leg went under the wheel and I then flipped up on the the hood. I don't remember any of that but I remember after. The people coming from nowhere, them asking where I lived and I pointed, as it was right in front of our house, Dad had only just gone to bed from night shift, being carried inside and Dad coming out in his singlet. I remember him coming in the ambulance and bits from there on. Lots of Dr appointments after that :) It wasn't till a few years ago that I found out that my head had hit the hood so I think that explains my insanity's or at least I will blame that *g* So there is the story! Any more you want me to share??!!
Enjoy your day :)
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Friday, April 27, 2007


by Miriam
Its the first time I have been tagged so here goes nothing!! Thanks Miriam :)
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I was run over when I was 7 and broke my leg just above my ankle, still gives me grief decades later!!
2. I am older than my darling Dave.
3. I have worked as a radio announcer, youth worker, raspberry picker, camp counsellor and admin assistant before taking on the wonderful job of Mum to 4 :)
4. I have visited every state of Australia and every capital except Perth (one day).
5. I love coffee and when I was a radio announcer and doing the brekky shift I had 7 cups before 7 am and by the end of my shift had the shakes! Never again!! Now I am a 3 to 4 cup kinda girl!
6. I love Jack Russell Terriers, have had 2 and one day hope to have another.
7. I started scrapbooking August 2005 and love that it allows me to feel creative for the first time even though I choose art as an elective in High School!
I struggled to find 7 random things about myself. I like to think I am more 'what you see is what you get' rather than random. So here's to the 7 I need to tag and goodluck :)

Happy weekending everyone :)
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Thursday, April 26, 2007


That's me today! Just before going to bed last night my nose was runny and today its been the same plus more!! Lots of sneezes and feeling ick.

Dave left this note on the whiteboard for me this morning, although I didn't feel 'hot' (sorry Dave) it made me smile (thanks Dave!).
For those who can't read his scrawl... Your day might not be good, you may not be feeling great, but you still look hot to me!

Finished off this layout today too. It is the first layout that I have stewed over and left for days before finishing, doing bits every now and then.

Speech therapy went well but I can see that it is going to start getting harder for poor Miss Elizabeth. Today we took the sounds we learnt last week and added vowels to them. So the P sound becomes Pu and she needs to find the picture that goes with the P sound. She struggled and then found other things to do so we will be doing lots of homework before the next session in a week!

Hope your week has been snot free and that your Friday flies!!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hope you all had a lovely day. We had a day off to commemorate ANZAC day. Megan was in the parade for Guides so I took her and watched. She had to be there at 8.30am and it was a cold, but not freezing, overcast morning. Photos (can you spot Megan in the second one?):

Megan is around the middle of the photo, wearing a navy top with light blue sleeves, near her leader who is in a burgundy vest... spot her??!!
She then had to stay for an enrolment and a play in the park. So we were home around 10.30.
It felt like a Sunday afternoon, dragged on! So we took the girls for a walk around the block via a reserve for a run and explore. The day got a little quicker after that.
Off to Elizabeth's speech therapy again tomorrow. Hope your Thursday is lovely too :)
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Or something.....
Our day:
top up grocery shop
early lunch because Lucy was in need of a sleep
Lucy sleep
Megan went to a friends after school
home to find the parcel man had left and we had a parcel to get from the post office
Dave home a little early
coffee with Dave
Picked Megan up
Post office to get parcel (thanks G'ma)
Dave had tea cooking by the time we got home (thanks pa!)
thats about it :)
How was your day??
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Monday, April 23, 2007

What do you do when it's cold and wet outside??

Here are the important things we did today:




Sitting in baskets??!!

Last night I did scrap and I finished this layout and started another I hope to finish soon.

Have to mention a conversation with Elizabeth I had today.

E: When is February?
Me: (knowing what she was asking about) Your birthday is in May
E: When is May?
Me: Soon
E: Can Mashir (my Mum) take me to May??

Take care and hope you did lots of important things today too!
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

What were you doing at 2am this morning??

Me... well I was awake. Lucy woke me at 1.47am with a loud "Mummy" at my bedside, then proceeded to climb in with us (this is something that doesn't happen so a little surprising in my un-wakeful-ness). Dave hopped out of his side and came around to get her, as she was trying to crawl into the middle. Back to bed she went. Then 2am and Elizabeth calls out she wants a drink. So up she gets then me as I realise her cup is in the dishwasher and she will need a new one. On the way out my door I collect Lucy who is also wanting a drink. In the kitchen now and out wanders Jessica. Drinks anyone... then Megan comes out to make it a clean sweep and now I feel we need a party or something just to have an excuse for the house having so many lights on at that time of the morning!!!
This afternoon we have mucked about here. Dave and I sharpened pencils while the girls coloured in. Cooked a yum roast lamb for tea. Dancing, playing etc etc
Dave has already set the table up so I think I am scrapping tonight ;) Thanks lovey :)
Took some photos of the girls this arvo too. Here are one of each:
Love the photo of Megan. She has just the most perfect freckles!!!
Love this photo of Jessica, cracks me up!!Elizabeth did her usual thing and I only got a handful of photos of her and most were blurry!
Lucy Lucy Lucy... This photo just says it like it is!
Thanks for visiting and hope the new week treats you kindly :)
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday means....

soccer for Dave (usually) so today we dropped him off and went to hang out with Allison for a couple of hours (thanks again Allison and Dale. meant a lot!) then went back to watch the last half of Dave's game. Won't tell you the score (someone might cry lol) but we were back in the car with 15 mins to go because it started to rain.
This morning we went out and about. Didn't do much but nice to have the time together.
Megan and Jessica are watching Funniest Home Video with Dave, still lovin' the giggles that I hear :)
Hope your weekend has started out great, Grandma I won't tell you that I can smell you just yet ;) but hope your new hot water cylinder is in place Monday before we do smell you!! *g*
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Scrap, lunch and a burst eardrum...

or maybe not! Read on:
I got to scrap lastnight, photos taken of Miss Elizabeth yesterday, so I am chuffed with myself :)

Today Elizabeth, Lucy and I went and had lunch with Dave (so Grandma that's where we were when you phoned on the 'normal' phone, got your message though and will be awaiting the mailman). We had a nice time and then found a park to play in before coming home. Dave then rang at 1.45 (!!!) to say he was on the way home YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. Had a coffee with him and then he went and got Megan and Jessica from school. So the weekend has started early.

Oh the burst eardrum... while I was putting the washing on the line this morning I could hear the telly. Finished the washing and came in to find Elizabeth watching the tv with the volume at 67 (!!!!) didn't know it could go that loud and was amazed that it wasn't up to 'full' volume!! I wouldn't like to be in the room when it was! It was terribly loud and I was really surprised she even stayed in the room!!! By the way it was Lucy who turned it up, as she does, and then left the room, as she does!! Been a day like that lol
Hope you all have a happy weekend with something special thrown in :)
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today I...

did a lot of listening!!
Megan was one of the MCs at the school assembly this morning, she did a fantastic job, and Jessica introduced her class and their projects, and she did a fantastic job too. Another Proud Mum Moment to add to the collection :)
We left not long after that to go to Elizabeth's 'Sound Awareness' group session. This is the start of her speech therapy. They are being taught to listen to the sounds so that they become aware of them. So we learnt sounds like ppppp, fffff, bbb etc. So I have to make the sound and Elizabeth has to identify the sound by pointing to a picture. So for bbb its a bouncing ball, pppp its blowing out a candle... So we have homework and Elizabeth made sure we did it this afternoon!!
We were meant to go to playgroup after the ST session but I didn't like the thought of all that to and fro from school and back. So we will go to the Thurs group once speech therapy has finished.

Dave is at soccer training tonight, looking forward to him getting home.
Dad just rang from Bribie Island, so Megan and Jessica got to talk with him. They both enjoyed that but now are up and down instead of staying in bed!!
Hoping to start a layout tonight, so thats what I will be doing. What about you??!!
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A cold, dreary day, 2 noisy girls and a cuppa

Its been dark and rainy today. Started raining about 5am, I think, but only 'really' rained around 9.30-10am. So we moved a few toys in from the sun room, which was the cold room today, and have been mucking about inside.
We just had an early lunch so Lucy could get a sleep in before we go to playgroup again this arvo. We went yesterday and they loved it! Tuesday's sessions are aimed at under 3's and today's is for the older kids to prepare them for school. Tomorrow's session will be different again but not sure how yet!
Megan went to karate yesterday and isn't sure what to make of it so has asked not to go again but will see if she changes her mind. Is only for 4 weeks, as are all the active after school programs, so she wouldn't have to do it for long... Hockey tomorrow for her and Jessica. Megan also has guides tonight, which is why I thought I would blog now. Will do another grocery shop between drop off and pick up.
Have just sat down with a cup of coffee while Elizabeth 'sits' and watches some telly. Looking out the kitchen window I can now see blue sky and the sunshine is steaming in, now if I was a cat I know where I would be wandering of to right now!!
I scrapped last night. Did a layout for will post it here on the 1st when I have updated the challenge. Looking forward to seeing people's layouts. Allison finished hers for this month's challenge and I love it! You will have to go to her blog to see for yourself :)
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful Wednesday :)
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

2sday but....

Three things to share:

*1* This morning Lucy came out wearing this hat on her head, by wearing it I mean she had it perched on the top of her head. She wore it all the way to school and back home again, but on properly thanks Mummy!! Anyway it wasn't till we picked Jessica up this afternoon and she asked where the hat had gone that I realised I didn't know. After looking in the car I came in and sure enough Lucy had put it back in her drawer. She is a worry that child lol

*2* Love this blog that I found among Allison's blog links check it out! Love it!! Thanks for the link Allison ;) Inspiring!

*3* Completed this layout last night. I used some of the things I got in my pack from Altogether Scrap. Have to say the swirly circles are very cool!

Thanks for the kind words about my chips ladies, anytime you want some I'll be happy to cook them for you ;)
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Howdee Mondee

Hmmm whats to say??? It went pretty quick for a Monday, the drag time was after school but I can handle that!!

I made homemade chips for tea and I have to say they were the best chips EVER!! Just how I like them, crunchy on the outside and soggy enough on the inside to suck their guts out! YUM

Turns out our week is getting busier as the 'Launch into Learning' starts this week. First session, like playgroup but more hands on for us parents, starts tomorrow and Megan starts her karate afterschool sport too.

Hope your Monday has been a nice one and that Tuesday is slightly better!
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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Finally did the grocery shopping first thing this morning, while Dave was home with the girls.
The rest of the day was full of gardening, more golf around the house, a DVD, playing outside, building cubbyhouses in the lounge room, dancing, chocolate eating and general mucking about!
Going to send Megan to school tomorrow. The rash has gone but the redness still appears when she is hot so will mention it to the Teacher and leave it at that. Still no sign of it with the rest of us, thankfully!
The rest of the week is filling up quickly. After school sport is offering karate and hockey, starting this week. Megan wants to do both so have put her name down and Jessica's for hockey. There is also a parent info meeting on Wednesday arvo which Dave is going to go to and Elizabeth starts her Speech Therapy group sessions on Thursday morning. I think there is still room to breathe in there somewhere...hopefully... better be lol
Thanks for visiting and hello to all those that visit from way across this beautiful world of ours :) I'd wave but I don't think you would see me from down here lol
Take care :)
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What my eyes saw today

In no particular order this is what my roving eye spotted today:

* 2 Games of golf held around the house.
Score: J 32 47 M 17 13
* 8 legged cow
* A bull fight
* Dave leave for soccer
* Dave home from soccer
* 8 footed camel
* Elizabeth too big for her boots

* Darth Vader
* Lucy master high heels till she got to the back door step when 1/2 the shoe was on the top of the step and the other 1/2 down.
* Elizabeth enjoy the cuddle game.
* Megan and Dave play a slap hand game.
* The cracked pepper on my tomato and cheese toasted muffin before it got stuck in my teeth.
* Megan and Jessica be unsuccessful in some ballet lift manoeuvres.
* A water fight.
* The biggest carrots our garden has grown, still not huge but big for us!
* Darth Vader reading a catalogue.

And if you haven't seen it on telly then check out Shaun the Sheep its on ABC in the mornings and has become a favourite. Love it, tickels my funny bone!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

A day at the park

well a morning anyway!! Allison invited us to go meet her and her 5 Day Care kids at a park, so we did! The girls had a great time, inventing story's of lava, caves, oceans and the like! Lucy loved climbing up and down and up and down the ladders and slides.

We left the park to come back here in time for lunch. We then got to watch 'Ice Age 2'. I have to say I was shocked. I thought our girls would have used up so much energy at the park that they might have sat to watch the movie BUT NOOOOOOOO!! Sit they did not! Up and down Up and down. One of them every 5 seconds!! So much so that one of Allison's day care boys keep telling me when the 'squirrel' bits were on because I love those parts of the movie! Total crack up!!!
Dave was home a little before 4pm (YAY) and as I heard him pull in I put the jug on. He heard me making us a coffee and I heard him say 'what a good girl' or something like that lol. Glad we could have a coffee together :)
Dave has a game of soccer tomorrow morning and I will have to have that appointment with the supermarket in the afternoon. Hope you have a lovely weekend!
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Slap face, scrap pack and some other stuff!

Last night Mum rang to say she had been asked to work in the morning, starts at 7am, so I jumped in the car and went to pick up Megan. On the way home we called in to Allison's and picked up my scrummy yummy pack!! Have drooled over it and hoping to find time to use it real soon!
When I picked Megan up I noticed a rash on her arms, Mum thought it might have been from playing in the hay. But today her face was red and there were more red spots, although not as red as her arms, on her legs and belly. So off to the doctor we went.

He said that, without a blood test to be sure, he was pretty positive she has slap face. Apart from the rash she is fine and it hasn't kept her down at all! So if the rash is still there Monday I'm to keep her home from school, ring the Dr. and probably have the blood test then to make sure it is slap face. We will also see if anyone else gets it :)
Dave spent today in Launceston, left at 7.30am and got home in time for the girls to say goodnight at 6pm. So its been a long day for everyone.
Not sure what we will get up to tomorrow, the library books were due back but I rang and renewed them so we didn't have to go there. Need to do the groceries soon but think I will do that tomorrow night or Saturday when Dave is home. And I think that is about that :) Yay to it being Friday tomorrow :) Hope you enjoy it!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Lunch date, a layout and a little housework

that about sums up my day
so won't have to tell you anything else...
oh ok ok I will
but only because you asked so nicely...
or was it your evil glare that made me change my mind??!!
Dave came home for lunch today, yay. It was his first day back at work after the Easter break so it was nice to see him through the day. The girls loved having him home too!
Vacuumed the house today, ick not my favourite job, and did a general clean up. Thankful for the results!
Last night Dave had soccer training so I scrapped and completed this layout.
We left Megan at Mum and Dads yesterday, for another 'holiday'. Dad should be on the plane to Darwin right now, he's gone for 3-4weeks. So we will be picking up Megan tomorrow. Also going to drop in to Allison's for a play and I bought the 12x12 pack (VERY YUM) will pick that up tomorrow too and am looking forward to playing with all of that when I get the chance to scrap again.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Out to Lunch

Dave and I went out with this groovy, little chicky babe today, wish the photo was better but I only had my camera phone.

And the reason why makes me proud of her.
For the last 3 or so years Megan has had bad eczema on her toes, had it get infected 3 times and it just drives her crazy!! So about 18 months ago my Mum said to her that when it was better Mum would look after the girls and Megan and I could go out for tea. Well roll on to a few months ago and her toe is finally better and so today we dropped off the other 3 girls and Dave and I went out to lunch with Megan. She enjoyed going out and all 3 of us goofed off, as we do. We had a lovely lunch at Citrus Moon Cafe and then went roaming the shopping centre before buying Donuts to take to Mum and Dad's for us all to share.
So I am proud of Megan for managing her eczema and for getting thru the 'pain/itch' associated with it. I am proud of her for being such a wonderful daughter and lots of fun to be around. We had a great day today and all because of her! LOVE YOU MEGAN!
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Do I need to pinch myself??

Is it really Monday?? Sure doesn't feel like it *g*
So what have we been up to???
* Dave looked at the car, changing tyres, checking oil etc etc
* Shopping, Elizabeth got some new pjs, a colour in book each for Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth and a story book for Lucy, some pens for me and a pack of 20 big colour in sheets for Megan and Jessica. Seems colouring in is the new thing for those 2. They have been doing lots.
* From there we went to the park before home for lunch. They had loads of fun on the slides and swings!
* Lunch, Lucy to bed, me for a nap, Megan colouring in, Elizabeth and Dave vegged.
* Bubbles in the arvo
* lots of washing in and out
* more chocolate eaten after lunch, Elizabeth has finished her big egg.
Not much else that I can think of :)
Off to Mum and Dads tomorrow to get Jessica and possibly leaving Megan.
Hope its been a nice Monday for you too :)
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

A bunny and some fluffy bunnys!

and I have lots of photos to share that will tell you about our day. Lots of chocolate, too much before 7am lol Grandma you will be happy to know I gave in and broke my egg around 9am, am I back in the good books now lol!!! It took 2 coffees to get me to the 'I think I can cope with chocolate' stage though!!

Both Megan and Jessica wrote notes to the Easter Bunny. I didn't matter that I said he couldn't read or write, being a rabbit and all, but they left these:

Megan's was a questionnaire so she knows what to leave him next year. When they got up this morning there was a little paw print on each and he had answered Megan's questions with the Yes circled (I figured rabbits would LOVE exploring seeing as Peter Rabbit got into so much trouble), a drawing of carrots and the other yes circled... hope he really can cook!! They were very excited to see that he had been and equally excited to see that he had 'stamped' their drawings lol Megan commented that the carrots looked like the carrots I draw, I said that I hadn't ever drawn carrots but she reckons that she has a photo of me drawing carrots... Like to see that!!!! Jessica's was a drawing of Mr EB and a car (not sure why the car but anyways) and the writing says Easter Bunny I like your eggs. And whats not to like :)

Had to take a photo, this one was the best of about 10 that I took, of all 4 girls in their 'fluffys'.

This conversation made me laugh so have to share. Elizabeth's bedtime routine includes her asking what are we doing tomorrow.
Tonight I replied, as I sometimes do, 'I don't know, what would you think we should do?".
Her well thought out reply "Can we have some more Easter egg". How can I refuse lol. Grandma your family sweet tooth certainly is dominant in the gene pool!

Mum and Dad were here for tea and so Jessica went back with them. Going to pick her up Tuesday and Mum asked if Megan wanted to stay again so we will see what happens there.
Hope it has been a lovely Easter Sunday for you all :)
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

A little, a lot and a whole bunch of fun!

Because Lucy and Elizabeth were on 'holidays' at Poppy's house we took Megan and Jessica to Mini Golf (that's the 'little' part of the title!). Jessica won a family voucher at the Christmas BBQ we went to for Dave's work last year so we thought we better get on and use it! We had a great time, Dave won (nothing unusual there) BUT I GOT A HOLE IN ONE!!!! Now that was worth the prancing around that I did lol. Both girls played pretty well too so it was great fun. Glad we went, had a lovely lovely time! (that's the 'whole bunch of fun' part of the title)

After that we took them to Pizza Hut for all you can eat, which isn't that much lol. Grandma you will be proud of Jessica. She had one helping of pizza, pasta and chips before launching into a bowl of chocolate mousse and then a bowl of icecream :) won't tell you that she regretted it, she felt ill after lol. (and that's the 'lot' part of the title!)

From there we went to pick up Elizabeth and Lucy. They had a great time at Mum and Dad's but were happy to be coming home! Mum and Dad are coming for tea tomorrow night and taking Jessica for her 'holiday', as it's now her turn.

Hope the Easter Bunny finds you all and you get just the right amount of eggs ;)
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Friday, April 06, 2007

Blessed with a scrap day!

Took Lucy and Elizabeth to Mum and Dad's this morning for a 'holiday', picking them up tomorrow. Then called in to Allison's and stayed there to scrap. Had a lovely day, thanks Allison, and completed 3 layouts.

Came home, I remembered to buy cream as requested by Dave, and found that he had a great day with Megan and Jessica. They had done lots. Gone for a bike ride, stewed some apples for pie, drawing, colour ins, built cubbys and played Playstation. Dave even finished his book! The pie that made was lovely and I even had one made just for me!
At the moment they are playing a board game and I am having a quiet giggle as I listen to them, they are all NUTS! Jessica just pulled out her pillow and blanket, looks like she is making the most of it lol
Hope your day has been a smile filled one too :)
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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yep have no idea why, just cos OK!!! lol
Today we had the pleasure of Allison's company again, just Allison, no kids. She had to take her car in to be fixed so we picked her up and she came for a visit till the car was ready. The girls enjoyed having her here and me too :)
Elizabeth's had a temp today but seems to be over it now, will see what the night brings.
Ummmm not much else to tell, been a lazy day because I figured we all needed one of those. I stayed in bed till 7.30 and only got up to have a shower before Dave left for work. Megan and Jessica vegged in their PJ's till after 8 (yes unheard of in our house). They've spent the day playing, building cubbys and even cleaned their rooms YAY!
Am thankful for the Easter break and glad that we all get to slow down a little.
Dave is at soccer training tonight. He wasn't going to go, or so he said lol, but he had his rego form and money to drop off.
Hoping you all have a super dooper Easter time, enjoy the time with family and thanks as always for dropping in, love to have visitors and wish I could make you a cuppa while you read :)
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You know it's almost Easter time when...

the Easter baskets come home from school!

They both did a really god job with them and I am very impressed with Jessica's bunny.

Allison came to visit today with 5 kids and it was wonderful to have them here. Thanks as always Allison.
Megan had Guides tonight, Dave picked her up so I could cook tea and then we 3 ate when they got home. The other 3 were in bed by the time I got back from dropping her off and home via the supermarket to get Easter Bunnies supplys!

Student Free Day for Megan and Jessica tomorrow means our Easter break has started YAY. Looking forward to having them home again :)
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another 'Jiggity Jig' type of day

Out then home again, out then home again is how our day has been!
We went to the school's Easter Assembly, Lucy and Elizabeth sat thru all of it, HOORAY that was great. Came home in time for morning tea, a play in the sunroom, some lunch then Lucy went to bed. Mum rang after that to say she was out our way about to go get a haircut, so she came after that for her lunch and a coffee. Elizabeth then woke Lucy for me, she loves that job! Then not long after Mum left and so we jumped back in the van and went to the supermarket to get all the things we didn't get yesterday. For whatever reason the milk fridges were all empty, as they were yesterday (yesterday we went to Coles and today was Woolworths). Something strange going on... all the cows have gone on strike because of the extra milk they produced for the Easter eggs???
Anyways because the girls had been soooo good we walked back to the car via Donut king and they got to have a Dinosaur donut which they shared when we got home.
Megan and Jessica had after school sport so Dave picked them up, yay.
So that is our day and my fingers hurt from the typing *g*
Waving to Max and Barb!! Thanks for dropping in, yep figured I could communicate this way so the emails have stopped in favour for broadcasting to the world!! Think of you guys often and congrats on the upcoming wedding(S) and the new in-laws to be!! YAY!!!
Well everyone thats me done like our yummy dinner! Hope your Tuesday has been kind and your Wednesday 'hump' day flies past extra quickly :)
Take care
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Monday, April 02, 2007

A madness filled Monday!!

From start to almost finish!!! A very busy day with grocery shopping, washing, washing and some more washing because Elizabeth's overalls decided to share their colour with some of the other clothes!!! We also had Ben come at lunchtime, Erica was working, so that added a whole lot of glee, laughter and silliness to the mix! Elizabeth just loves having Ben come over and today was probably the best they have ever played together. So much so that Elizabeth told me that Ben is her favourite toy.. I thought she might have meant boy but she said it again later and it was toy!!! She chased him around the house for a cuddle but he wasn't having any part in that THANK YOU lol

Lastnight I started a layout, which I completed today.

Tomorrow morning the school have their Easter Church Assembly so hoping that Elizabeth, Lucy and I get to stay for some of that. Still have some groceries to get, I just don't understand why the empty shelves have to happen when I go shopping, so will do that tomorrow too.

Happy Tuesdaying everyone and thanks BJ for the email and now I know who it is I can write nice things about you ;) also Mr Anon- thanks for saying hi, I LOVE YOU, but Dave I never knew you as shy :)
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Why do Monday's come around so quickly??

Its not that I don't like Mondays, its just what they symbolise. Dragging yourself out of bed as you realise the alarm has been going for half an hour and IT IS MONDAY MORNING! then rushing around before heading out the door. The fact that there is such a huge length of time between Monday and Friday and yet such a small amount between Friday and Sunday doesn't even bare thinking about!

So I won't! I will go back to a happier time... Saturday night :) I finished the Donut King layout and am happy with how it turned out but not too happy lol

I was blessed to be able to buy the stampers pack from Altogether Scrap THANK YOU DAVE, and we picked that up this afternoon on the way to pick up Megan. I love all the stamps, and ribbon, paint and ink but ohhhh the stamps! Have admired them on other peoples layouts for a long time so am sooo happy to be able to get my own! Can't wait to use them! Allison has new packs for April coming on the site soon so make sure you have a little looksee at this month's packs. Love them all!!!

Megan had a fun time with Mum and Dad at their shack. She got to see penguins, catch some fish and this star fish. He fell apart so we had to put him back together for the photo (yes the gross job was given to me!!).

She didn't really want to go in the boat this time but was brave and enjoyed it.

Tonight I updated The Thank You Blog. Come on over and have fun with this month's challenge. Here is my layout, I love seeing the washing hung out and often wonder when my full basket in the morning will have grown to 2 baskets full because everyone has grown so much!

Take care and hope you had a lovely April Fool's Day. I know Megan did! Her and Poppy were fooling each other all day and Megan was delighted to share her 'bottle of lemonade' with her sisters when we turned up. The look on her face and then the scream of APRIL FOOL as they drank the water was priceless!!
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